homecoming aftermath

  1. Vazia Ferreira

    Private Tales Full of Nothing

    Valenntenia, Homecoming Night Vazia was a woman of few words. She didn't care one way or another for parties, and after Solomon had dismissed them to go about their own ways, most of the Guardians went on their own. The life of a Guardian was a lonely one, and while a few of their numbers were...
  2. Mordred

    Fable - Ask Unshackled from the Stones

    Mordred wiped his brow and leant against his axe to catch his breath. Before him lay two piles; logs brought in fresh from the mountain forests in one and in the other neatly split firewood ready for the towers hearths – Mor’s handiwork. There was a simple pleasure to splitting logs. It had...
  3. Lyta

    Fable - Ask The Homecoming of Nightmares

    One of them was gone. Murdered, if the messenger was to be believed. Certainly not the Homecoming any of them had expected. Lyta's fingers slipped on the rocky outcrop and she uttered a quiet curse as tiny bits of stone tumbled to the ground below her. Her chest hammered in her heart but she...