1. Asuego 'Susanna'

    Shivers Event The Grimere Haunting

    Fallowed fields were rummaged through by famished pigs and cows with scars upon their flanks. Barely a crop was left intact as if the farmers left in a hurry. Even the forests in the distance, far beyond the arable land appeared dull and lifelessly brown, barely able to hide a looming keep that...
  2. Midir

    Fae Courts The Delights of the Wild Hunt

    Can you hear the Fairy Horn? It echoes o'er the lands At harvest time When the moons are very thin. Can you hear the Fairy Horn? It travels on the wind. No birds, no mice, no bubbling brook Dares disturb the call. Can you hear the Fairy Horn? And the braying of the hounds? The Hunt she calls...
  3. Szesh

    Announcement Celebration of Shivers Begins

    Celebration of Shivers On the heels of the autumn equinox, as the first chill winds begin to blow, a strangeness takes Arethil. The orange and black moon Pneria appears locked in its full phase and shows no signs of waning as days pass. Lessat inches closer and closer to its zenith...