guardians of the rune

  1. Kaira Yehven

    Fable - Ask The Fanfare Heard Through Valenntenia

    Life had to move on after the months since Homecoming, and for Kaira, she was glad she was once more just a dweller in the Old Town. It was time for morning prayers, to listen to the High Priest speak of the old tales of the Ancients as noted in the Blessed Pages. Ever since Kaira had used her...
  2. Mikko Cendrillon

    Fable - Ask Test Your Strength

    Another Homecoming came and went, but many of the Guardians chose to remain close to home after the events following the death of the Fire Guardian came to light. Sympathy and support came from the Descendants, and the Children of the Ancients were seen offering tokens to whatever Guardians they...