1. Kassandra

    Fable - Ask Winter Training

    "Kassandra, you cannot do this. I forbid it!" The King's voice rang out with such authority that one might have thought had actually had some semblance of power. Yet he was not sitting on his throne, he was not addressing the assembly, he was not even speaking to one of the representatives...
  2. Colette

    Fable - Ask The Man at the Lake

    Donric had smugly told her that it was being done to, “show them Dreadlords that the Guard was in charge now.” But Colette didn’t think that was true, she liked Commander Raleigh’s explanation a lot better. It was to build a sense of trust and camaraderie between Guardsmen and the next...
  3. Talus

    Fable - Ask Bros Before Dying in a Siege

    Vel Telra It had been two days now, two days since this army had appeared around the walls of Vel Telra. Talus had not recognized them, not even the slightest glimmer. They wore all black, plates segmented in strange patterns, with flags that spoke of a rising sun in black. It wouldn't have...