1. Jett Alistair

    Open Chronicles A Traveling Huntress

    After her father's death, Jett Alistair stayed at her childhood home for 4 years, when she was 17 she sold the property, bought a horse, and chose to travel the world on her own. Now, A year later, she has met many people, and seen many things. But some days she wished she had someone she could...
  2. Zakon K'atun

    LFG To Claim Arethil

    How does one begin? Who would follow such a being that would reach out to claim the world as his own? Who would bear witness to his legend, stand by his side and proclaim his name to the world? Who would stand by his side through thick and thin to see his ideals of the world finally come to...
  3. TTamark

    Open Chronicles I came to make friends, and stew, but I've already made the stew

    The lower mountain of The Spine was damp from recent rainfall, the sky still held some clouds, but the sky was now bright and blue with the sun drying the leafs at a rather quick rate. The woods that looked all the greener from the rain were full of bird song, many different melodies forming a...