first meeting

  1. Gerard Montefort

    Private Tales Where is the Coin, There is the Mercenary

    He'd already drank a full mug of mead with breakfast when Gerard remembered that today was the day he was supposed to be protecting that girl; he'd wandered to Oban after his lover had lost her memory, and he couldn't bear to return to Alliria to see the smoldering ruins of his former...
  2. Llewen Merrick

    Private Tales Tales of a Backwater Knight and a Mage-in-Training

    It was an impossible situation; the extortion by House Galentor lay before Llewen on a series of documents on the large table of the Great Hall of Castle Merrick, the entryway into the small wooden castle that marked the small estate of House Merrick. Next to him stood his advisor, the gristled...