1. CelvestianNesy

    LFG 1x1 What's up Chronicles? Y'boy is back! Looking for a roleplayer! :D

    Hello Chronicles! Ya boy Nesy is back! I'm back for some awesome roleplaying with you guys! So what do I wish to do? Well my dear reader! :D Here comes some suggestions. So I actually am in mood for something like a fantasy roleplay that's about adventure,combat and all that kinda fun stuff...
  2. Brandar the Burned

    Private Tales On Shores of Gold

    Azzarro, off the Cortosi Coast The bells tolled. It was the day of worship, and somewhere in the dusty streets, a service was letting out. Brandar smiled, because in a town of pirates, worship was just one side of the dice. Just a few streets away, beneath a baking tropical sun, a slave...
  3. Raigryn Vayd

    LFG - Quest Sortie across the reach

    Looking for a group for a short story. Want to trek across the Allir Reach and see where the Naga are landing. A week on horse stopping at some settlements along the way and then into more dangerous territory south of the spine. Leave a post if you're interested!