astenvale monastery

  1. Faramund

    Private Tales Training Day with Faramund: Petra

    It was a warm day at Astenvale Monastery. The sun was out, the birds were singing, and the squires, those most unruly creatures, were training. Syr Faramund, known simply as "the Mund" by many, oversaw the day's training. 'Watch your left!' He bellowed, channelling his inner sergeant to make his...
  2. Amalgam

    Private Tales A Forgotten Knight's Homecoming

    The Valen Wilds were in spring's first full bloom, and the outskirts of Astenvale were no exception. The gentle humming of insects mingled with the calling of birds and the rustling of small creatures passing through the underbrush, the sounds and song of a forest come alive echoing off the...
  3. Helena

    Open Chronicles A Festival of the Lights

    "Alright squires, crack on! Master Murk will need those pillars ready as soon as able! Hurry now, imbue your magicks, and make ready for the show!" Helena called out with emberic joy in her voice that came easy and true. Easier still in hopes of merriment and cheer. All around helpful hands...
  4. Hector

    Knights of Anathaeum Two for Today, Three for Tomorrow

    Night had long fallen. Not that time came easy to telling within the tall stacks of the monastery's archives. Most light beneath their vaulted ceilings were sparked by magick-light. Their ethereal glows cast in warm yellows that mocked fire's light. Too rare and ancient were the texts stored...
  5. Jezebeth Af Malakath

    Open Chronicles Closed post

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  6. Syr Jinhae

    Knights of Anathaeum Herbal Remedies

    The embrace of the Monastery was always a welcome change after being on the road for many days. He could feel himself being rejuvenated upon entering the Eldyr's Trees influence. Jin's knowledge of Wyld magic was limited but he could not deny its influence. His attempts to grasp the fundamentals...
  7. Noa

    Private Tales Wandering in the Shade

    [art cred] Noa was not quite at the Astenvale Monastery although she was most definitely on route towards it, not that the blind knight felt any sort of rush. It was a bright spring day, not yet noon so the heat from the sun was still warming the fresh air around them. Birds flitted between tree...
  8. Solon Raye

    Private Tales Sword Logic

    Some time ago... "...Why are you crying?" "You're stronger than I am. All of us, Syr Raye," the young Squire said, his face flushed red with frustration. "I understand the technique. You've drilled it into us since the wee hours of the morning. How are all of us supposed to overcome you?"...
  9. Innis

    Fable - Ask Three Squire Moon

    The wishing well was one of those old-fashioned stone-and-spit type structures, built long before brick and mortar. Rumor had it that the smooth stones its base was made from came straight out of the Vale, the real Vale, the place in between where spirits and gods still roamed away from human...
  10. Innis

    Fable - Ask How big can the spider be?

    Rootgrot Burrow, beneath the Astenvale Monastery. Thick tendrils of root and branch coiled upwards in an organic and intricate weave, forming ceiling, walls, and support columns all in one go. The further one got towards the outer edge of the Burrow, the more open and forest-y things felt...
  11. Helena

    Fable - Ask Breaking Bread at the Knoll

    Art by Loanne Rosset It was a quieter day at the knoll, and Hector was glad that Roki was in charge of the meal prep today. "What's for lunch?" The young squire asked his orc counterpart. Marta Nael Roki, normally bright eyed and energetic, seemed tired, and like he would rather be...
  12. Nasrin Fyldirae

    Private Tales Secrets of the Vale

    Rin stood on the packed earth that was the training field her dual swords in hand as she practiced her form against a wooden dummy that was situated along the edge. The Astenvale Monastery had been her home now for 20 years, found as a babe left in the woods by one of the Knights Pursuant. That...