1. Szesh

    Announcement Updated Harassment and Etiquette Policies

    Dear Members, We'd like to take a moment to impress upon you that we, the Staff, do everything in our power to make Chronicles a fun, safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for everyone. It is our duty to ensure that all members can enjoy their time in the Discord Server and on the forums...
  2. Velaeri

    Staff Reminder: Wiki Articles Require IC References

    Hello Chroniclers! This is a reminder that all Wiki Articles except for Character Bios require IC references before being posted to the Wiki. Members are encouraged to work on their ideas in the Sandbox area of the Wiki while you create your IC references for the official article. Some...
  3. Raigryn Vayd

    Staff Pandemonium coming to a close and looking forward

    Whilst the threads remain open, the main storylines are wrapping up now. The demons have returned to Pandemonium and the doors have closed. For now. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for making this such a fun event. The way participants threw their characters into it and...