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    Just Thinking

    Look, I was going to reply to this properly, as I didn't think I needed to. But, to be fair, I think it deserves some sort of other constructive reply. I know what you're saying with the 'progressive authors'. Ignoring the overwhelming amount of cinema and media coming out that has well...
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    Just Thinking

    ok doomer
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    Hallows Eve A Monster Competition

    Name: Slave Spawn Origin: The residual essence of thousands of children; their dreams and wants and desires culminated into being, theorised by Sorcerers of the West to be the last remanence of a dying breed of magic, willed into being without intention. Threat: Very Dangerous. Tactics: They...
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    Art Shop Banners and Avatar's Gallor

    Hey, it's Freddie! I've decided to make a thread to allow people to ask me to make banners or avatars or whatnot. Just request things in this thread or DM me on discord and i'll do it. Discord: Freddie (Morrison)#5919