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    Sorry really ill + work, won't be posting till tomorrow apologies for late posts.

    Sorry really ill + work, won't be posting till tomorrow apologies for late posts.
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    Hey Boys.

    Greetings and welcome.
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    LFG Lets have a gladiatorial arena fight

    Yeah i am game perhaps with a third character, I had the lore for the minotaurs to worship the arena gods and fight in their clawpit arenas to train them up. They believe the arena gods empower their weapons. So that was already in my muse's direction so to speak. Will there be a league table...
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    Hey ho!

    Greetings. Good to meet a fellow bar brawler. Have fun.
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    Welcome! Have fun.
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    Silverslip Information Source Age 500 to 1 Years old Discovered by Tundra Elves ...
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    Hello Hello

    Greetings! Hope you have fun.
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    Discussion What is your favorite character you've ever played?

    Tough one, very tough one. Many I could mention. Possibly Paareth, I wrote him an age ago. He was a jagara, a humanoid jaguar and gave me the first experience of writing tribal vs civilized. What I remember most is the stoneguard a small mercenary group that kicked off the guild system at that...
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  10. Ru Horvos

    Ru Horvos Biographical information Birthplace Engima City Born Died Age 42 Home Enigma City Physical description ...
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    A Friendly Hello

    Welcome, hope you have fun.
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    Good day everyone! ^^

    Welcome, have fun!
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    LFG Introduction

    I don't know if you saw her but you both might be a good fit:
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    Entertainment What are you currently listening to?

    High energy morning coffee
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