Alryssa Murizi

Alryssa Murizi Nhalaryn

Alryssa Murizi Nhalaryn

Biographical information
Thanasis 35 Thanasis
Physical description
Human Female 5'6" bold of you to ask ash blonde gray blue soft ivory
Political information
Dragon Rider, Lady of the House Nhalaryn and Daughter of the House Murizi
Out-of-character information
Siren 12/7/23 Link

But we were dragons. We were supposed to be cruel, cunning, heartless, and terrible. But this much I can tell you, we never burned and tortured and ripped one another apart and called it morality.

-Terry Pratchett


Often described as a pale, gentle beauty, she is at complete odds with her dragon and her personality. Her hair is a wavy ash blonde. Her eyes are gray blue, but when she is with her dragon they seem to be more blue than gray. Her skin is pale with warm undertones and she has a button nose and an average mouth. She has the face shape and body shape/build of her mother but the fierceness of her father.

Most of the time, she will either be wearing formal dresses or dragon riding clothes. All her clothes are well-tailored to fit her and are not cheap.

Skills and Abilities

Dragon bonded: She bonded to her dragon Nxyia when she was six years old. Both child and dragonette were selfish and rather spoiled, and so it was only natural they bonded.

Strength and Speed: Alryssa is surprisingly strong for her size, but she is also quick. She is very flexible and agile


Alryssa is the oldest daughter and second born to the Lord and Lady of House Murizi. Her parents spoiled her, perhaps more than her two younger sisters, but that does not mean her sisters were not also spoiled. She can come across as entitled, selfish, and arrogant, but she has become much humbler since her childhood.

She is loyal to her family and those she loves, especially her children. She can be quite fiesty and is a force to be reckoned with.


Nyxia was born under a double lunar eclipse, lending her favoritism from those breeding and raising the dragons. She was bonded to Alryssa when Alryssa was six and Nyxia was a dragonette. The two quickly grew close, forming a special bond as they grew up.

However, as Alryssa spent less time in the skies and more time in the house, having and raising her children, they could not spend as much time together. Nevertheless, Alryssa still made it a point to visit Nyxia and take her out for rides whenever she was free. As her children are getting older, she is able to visit Nyxia more often and more freely.

Biography & Lore

Alryssa is the second eldest Murizi daughter. When she was six, she bonded with her dragon, Nyxia. Nyxia was born under a double lunar eclipse and so she was quite pampered, making her a perfect match for Alryssa. Since then, the two have been nearly inseparable, at least until Alryssa was married.

When she was 16, her parents arranged her marriage to Ramsay Nhalaryn, the eldest son set to inherit his family name and all that came with it, making her the future Lady of the House Nhalaryn by marriage. He was four years her senior, and although the two did not know each other well before they were married, they formed a sort of friendship that Alryssa was grateful for. She had her first son, Daryon Nhalaryn when she was 17, then another son, Brevis, at 18, followed by a daughter, Cress, at 19, (named after her own baby sister, Cresseida), and the twins- Wilhelm and Winnow. (at 23) (In order, her kids are 18, 17, 16, 12, and 12)


When she was 33, her husband Ramsay died in a dragon riding accident, and the House Nhalaryn's dislike of Alryssa rose to the surface. She discovered that they would like to kick her out- they did not think Ramsay's widow should lead the house when the current, aging Lord died. However, they could not do so, because her five children had Ramsay's blood and his name. So she has been forced to endure tense family gatherings and dinners, while also attending her own family's meetings.

Now that her eldest son, Daryon, is 18, he is next in line for his father's inheritance, which has eased the Nhalaryn family's hate but they still dislike Alryssa. Some believe she is trying to undermine their entire family, and that she had Ramsay killed.