Ánië Táralóm

Anie Taralom

Ánië Táralóm

Biographical information
Sharyrdaes 427 Sharyrdaes
Physical description
Aeraesarian Elf Female 5’11 White Blue Fair
Political information
The Sharyrdian Order Councilor of The Conclave
Out-of-character information
Xyrdithas 2020-04-08 Source

In the years after the War of the Eventide, the once powerful Order of her people was left broken and listless, and many had perished. Though Ánië was one expected to take up a place on the Conclave, this appointment was not expected for quite some time. But she, like so many others, could have never expected such calamity to befall them. With the leadership left in tatters, it fell to the likes of hers and other far younger Aerai to take up this mantle through arguably the most difficult time their people had ever faced. For over 120 years now she has served as High Councilor.


At first glance, though she is tall Ánië is hardly imposing. She instead seems natural in almost whatever environment she is found in, and despite what she chooses for her attire, displays an elegant grace in her step. She is often dressed in the fitted robes of a councilor, sometimes with a cloak and hood, and often accentuated with beautiful yet somewhat plain jewelry of silver and gemstone, and ornate hairstyles. Other times she dresses in more common clothing, which given the standards of the Aerai, is still quite fine. This garb is often a bit looser, and she often wears her hair in braided rows tied into one at the back. And of course, like all Aerai, she does possess her own unique set of armour which, since the war, has seen little use.

Skills and Abilities

Ánië is one born of a strong and affluent lineage. She had always displayed a natural gift for wielding her inherited abilities, and the Conclave took a special interest in her early on in her development. Soon after her training in the magical arts began, at still a very young age, she was considered to become next in line to serve on the Conclave. This appointment became more assured after her joining with the collective - but it was not expected for centuries to come.

In the meantime, with this path in mind for her, she was diligently educated in matters of state and duties of the court of the Conclave and provided an abundance of opportunity to lead and instruct in various circumstances from spiritual to militant. In this time she displayed a heightened sense of empathy, even for an Aerai, and this bolstered her ability to connect with those who served under her. But though she was herself a formidable combatant and a good leader, her skills did not lie in battle tactics.

Above all her merit was her affluence for magic. In the War of the Eventide she displayed magical powers that outclassed some of their Order's most renowned sorcerers. What became somewhat concerning, however, is the change in behaviour that she also displayed in these moments.


Ánië is a kind-hearted and warm individual, often seen with a subtle and sweet smile on her face. She has a deep respect for life of all kinds and is disheartened to hear of the loss or hardship of those who are innocent. She is willing and even eager to lend aid to any who ask it of her, even in the face of grave danger.

Ánië, though known for being quite kind, is not so much as to be naive. As a member of the Conclave it is her duty above all to uphold the creeds of the Order, and her kind disposition can be replaced with a far firmer, colder demeanour. She is willing to make difficult decisions when the time calls for it, and will afford only as much caution as the situation allows.

Another aspect of her, however, and one which is rarely seen or spoken of, is a side of her that is displayed in times of great duress. In the second battle of Sharyrdaes in the initial War of the Eventide, at many points the situation became quite dire. Some say they could hear Ánië laughing as she tore through their enemies with furious displays of her magic.