Ánië Táralóm

Anie Taralom

Ánië Táralóm

Biographical information
Physical description
Aeraesarian Elf
Political information
The Sharyrdian Order
Councillor of The Conclave
Out-of-character information

At first glance, though she is tall Ánië is hardly imposing. She instead seems natural in almost whatever environment she is found in, seemingly devoid of any worry, anxiety, or doubt in the face of the unknown, or so it would seem. High Councilor of a now broken order, there is much that weighs on her mind, though she does her best to hide it.

Skills and Abilities

Ánië is one born of a strong line, birthed of pure and powerful blood. She is well trained with the blade, and magic – as all Aeraesarians are. But she had always displayed a natural gift for wielding her power, and the Conclave took a special interest in her early on in her development. Soon, she was selected to become next in line as a Council member of The Conclave – though that appointment would not come to be hers for many years.

In the meantime, she was diligently educated in matters of state and duties of the court of the Conclave and provided an abundance of opportunity to lead and instruct in various circumstances from spiritual to militant.

But above all her merit was her affluence for magic. In the time of the Eventide she displayed magical powers of such devastation as to even frighten many others of her own kind, even those of the Swords.


Ánië is a kind-hearted and warm individual, often seen with a subtle and sweet smile on her face. She has a deep respect for life of all kinds and is disheartened to hear of the loss or hardship of those who are innocent. She is willing and even eager to lend aid to any who ask it of her, even in the face of grave danger.

But as a member of the Conclave it is her duty above all to uphold the creed of the Order, and when the time calls for it her caring disposition can be easily and terribly replaced.