lieutenant shko


Biographical information
30 years
Physical description
pure blood male 7ft 1in 509 lbs white blue white
Political information
Out-of-character information

Unlike his savage cousins Shko has completely white fur from head to toe he still bares tribal like gear but that only signifies his rank. One eye has been cut and healed shut. He walks on two legs like all lionmen. He carries a staff with a blood stained blade almost like an ax but not. A satchel hangs from his side.
Skills and Abilities
Shko is skilled from birth. Hes primarily a swordsmen but magic runs through his veins powerful magic passed down though his genes
Quiet slow to speak. Stead fast in his beliefs. Loyal to only himself and his race. Neutral to other species. Can be violent when angered or drunk. like all pure bloods his magic taps into his life force the more magic used the less time he has on in this world

Biography & Lore

Shko was born to the 3rd tribe of pure blood lionmen.

There are 3 governing tribes in his home land they live in a constant struggle for dominance. They war because of a curse read more about that in the wiki page pure bloods

Shko grew up being taught magic casting and fighting. on his 12th year he was sent though the trials to test his physical and magical ability. All young pure bloods go through such trials. In the end he came out alive . With only the loss of his eye as penance to the gods for allowing him to live he was lucky, the trials have been known to cost you your life and more often than not they do. The trials were hard and he had to fight many beasts magical or otherwise to be able to qualify for normal life.Those that do not meet expectations die or are so wounded that they wish they had.

Once past the trials at age 12 Shko was listed into the military. At the time peace was a luxury they could not afford. The 2nd tribe had put all its efforts into defeating the 3rd. As for the 1st they had become ill with sickness and retreated do to dwindling numbers. Defending there territory was becoming harder as the winter months became unbearable. Blizzards raged right alongside magic casters and clashing swords. After all no amount of weather can silence a pure bloods call to battle.

At age 20 he was given the rank lieutenant and his own command tasked with one mission. Hunt down magical relics that can aid in the fight for supremacy. He set out to the mainland with 12 of the finest magic casters and swordsmen.

Now at age 30 he commands 4 of the 12 he started with. Reinforcements will never come its not their way. on your first command you are given 12 men for life and a mission to carry out for the remainder of your life more men are welcome to join you but you must build trust in your ability to lead. with the circumstances of his life's mission there was no chance to build political power. His mission is secret and therefore he and his men are alone in its fulfillment.

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