Zara the Sand Elf

Zara the Sand Elf

Biographical information
Eastern sands of Amol-Kalit 34 Nomadic. Generally the dunes east of Annuakat
Physical description
Abtati Female 5’6” Lithe Black, shoulder length Brown Bronze
Political information
Camel herder, desert mystic
Out-of-character information
Watcher 02/04/2021 Miss Ayo Dele

Zara is a sand elf who still abides by the ancient customs of her people. She is content to wander the desert tending to the family herds and offering guidance through the wastelands to any wayward traveller seeking assistance. Zara is a soft soul contained in the body of a hardened desert survivor. She enjoys venturing into the city from time to time; where she delights herself in small indulgences of goods and tales from abroad.
Swathed in heavy blue, white or navy robes, often adorned with a red sash, Zara’s piercing brown eyes are all that are readily visible to the outside world. The trio of daggers hidden about her lithe form are as much for work as defense and in a pinch, she will call upon the ancient desert magicks of illusion to provide for a hasty retreat.


Zara is a lithe and graceful of body, her skin naturally bronzed despite it’s near constant sheltering from the scorching sun above the desert. Gloved and clad in heavy robes designed to contain moisture and repel excess heat or cold, Zara’s only feature readily visible to the world at large is the stripe of skin about her eyes and nose bridge and her intense brown gaze.
Zara has several runic tattoos on her body, these are obscured by her robes and will be covered later as the character is further developed.

Skills and Abilities

-Animal husbandry (camels and horses specifically)
-standard nomadic desert survival
-Basic knife fighting skills
-Rune magic by way of several jade-based runic tattoos on her body and a few known runes. The magic is contained within the tattoos themselves. The runic tattoos contain a reserve of magical energies thst are interconnected, but as this reserve is depleted the magics draw energies from Zara’s physical form. These tattoos can be activated by a touch from Zara or through concentration.

-Call Of The Deep / Water
locating & creation

-Sacrificing To Save Another /
Healing, by way of health

-Weightlessness, stealthiness,
vanishing, fire resistance; all
intricately linked in a
continual tattoo

-Truth (left)
-Love (right)

-Cleansing (literally a ward
against bodily evil - poisons

-Understanding (reading of
nonmagical scripts

-The Mighty West Wind /
Strength (left)
-The Soothing East Wind /
Calming (right)

-The Howling North Wind /
Conveyance (right)
- The Warm Mysterious
Southern Wind / Diversion

-Beauty Of The Sky
-Passion Of The Flame
-Wisdom Of The Rains


- Illusion mysticism (drawing from heat)
-Nocturnal luminary navigation


Zara is a warm and curious soul. While she deeply understands and cherishes the traditions of her people, she keeps a sly eye for things from the outside world that might better their lot in life whilst meshing with her people’s traditions and beliefs.
Zara is happy to talk, but even more so likes to listen and learn. Her serious demeanor bellies a jovial countenance hidden beneath years of hard life and folds of cloth.

Biography & Lore

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