Biographical information
Unknown Twenty Five What's that?
Physical description
Half-Orc Female 5'11" Did you really just ask that? Dyed red Amber Grey
Political information
C-rank Assassin
Out-of-character information
Karken Half-Orc Lady by Blanca J

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Tall, toned and liable to ruin your day, Yarrow cuts quite the intimidating figure no matter who she's pretending to be. A semi-permanent scowl is the only consistent feature one can associate with the Half-Orc. That... and the blood red hair.

Skills and Abilities

  • Shadowkin Companion - Taking on the form of a wolf, Yarrow's Shadowkin works in mysterious ways. Through means unclear to the assassin, her bond with the shadow entity allows her to smell a person's "scent" - a useful ability to have should one wish to track a target or spoil an ambush. It's also worth mentioning that she can sniff out poison in food or drink (useful if you're feeling peckish).
  • Light on your feet - Yarrow is incredibly nimble, even by an assassin's standards. Due in part to her mixed heritage, the she-orc is capable of impressive turns of speed, and has been known to outpace her peers on many an outing.
  • You want some? I'll give it ya! - Though getting into punch-ups is never ideal for an assassin, Yarrow is more than happy to throw hands should she need to. A talented martial artist, she can bump heads with the meanest of the mean and still come out smelling of roses.


Surprisingly well mannered for someone whose reputation precedes her.

Biography & Lore

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