Biographical information
Dornoch 18 Elbion College
Physical description
Human Female 5'3" light black as night 50 shades of gray soft ivory
Political information
Student of Magic and Music
Out-of-character information
Siren 11/2/23 WLOP

where words fail music speaks

-Hans Christian Andersen


Xia has long, silky black hair and eyes that seem to vary between shades of gray. Though her skin is not very pale, it appears more so in contrast with her dark hair. She has a small button nose, a heart shaped face, and almond-shaped eyes.

She is very delicate in appearance, and dress delicately as well. She wears thin and colorful robes and dresses and nearly always has intricately carved, hand-painted hair-sticks in her hair. What makeup she will wear on certain occasion is very subtle but pretty nonetheless.

Skills and Abilities

Violin/Cello/Flute- Xia is very musically gifted, especially on stringed instruments. She has the ability to hear pitch and can play the violin or cello with such passion and emotion that the listeners are transported to another world, so caught up in the music. She can also play the flute quite well but she prefers her stringed instruments.

Brain Power- It is said that playing, learning, and reading music makes one smarter, and that can certainly be seen to be true in Xia's case. She has a good memory, allowing her to do well in classes without much studying or note-taking. Her strongest subject is history or literature.

Empath- Xia discovered her innate magic ability when she was seven and has been developing it since, even more so in Elbion College. She can percieve and interact with the emotions of others. She can understand what others are feeling deeply and she can weave her magic into her music to encourage a certain emotion from her audience, putting them in a sort of trance.


Xia is soft spoken, but that does not mean she is weak. Many have thought she was weak and then been surprised. Her true strength comes from emotions, something all creatures have. She feels like this connects her with everybody, and believes music is the universal language, which is quite literally true for her.

She is sweet and gentle, and gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, believing whole-heartedly in the phrase "innocent until proven guilty".

Biography & Lore

Xia is a Daughter of the current Dynast, ruler of the Erdeniin Dynasty. She grew up in the jeweled palace and wanted for nothing. She had the best tutors in all the subjects, especially music, which she flourished in even from a young age.

When Xia was seven, she played a piece for some members of her mothers court and put them all in tears. Suspecting magic was involved, the Dynast tested her daughter some more. Sure enough, Xia was an Empath. So more tutors and teachers were hired to train the Dynast's daughter how to wield the power of emotions. She discovered her strength in reading people and interacting with their emotions lay in music, and as she got better at one, she would grow in strength in the other.

When she was 16, her mother had her apply to Elbion college and nearly immediately she got in, in part due to her skills, but also because of her mother's influence. Ever since then, Xia has been doing exceedingly well in classes and she has even written a few of her own pieces.


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