Winged Horses of the Spine

Winged horses of the Spine

Basic Information
Spine 60 years Herbivore Unknown
Physical description
2 meters at the withers Wings that hide under the skin
Out-of-character information

The spine is home to some of the grandest marvels on Arethil, but none are as majestic as the winged horses that call this land their own.



The noble horses come in many colours ranging from various chestnut phenotypes to black. More rarely other colours like white, grey and palomino can be seen as well.
A more striking part of their appearance, however, are wings that grow out and hide back from under their skin.


These horses have been historically found throughout the Spine, but their range due ages of exploitation to serve as mounts of war left their numbers dwindling, reducing the once widespread species to only a few grand herds around Crobhear lake. [1]
They are generally predated by the mountainous subspecies of baaran lions, griffons, dragons and sometimes giants.


  • 2 meters at the withers and weight roughly a tonne
  • Generally chestnut or black in colour. Palomino is more common than grey and white is the rarest.
  • Possess a dorsal slit on each side of their body.
  • Tend to appear wingless for their wings are hidden under their skin most of the time and grow out of the dorsal slit when needed.
  • These horses naturally fly only when danger is present or if they encounter particularly unpassable obstacles.
  • These horses have a larger appetite than your normal equines.
  • These horses cannot fly forever, they tire just as normal horses do.
  • They are not Pegasus



The origin of this species is unknown.


Generally referred to as a myth; for this species is no longer as well known as back then when entire herds could be seen migrating over mountains on a regular basis.
Some remains like unique armours and skeletons can still be seen here and there.
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