Vel'Anir Blackfort

Vel'Anir Black Fort


There are just a handful of Black Forts. They have long been conskdered the pinnacle of Naval power across the southern coasts.

Despite attempts to mount catapults to ships the mot common method of naval warfare involved closing with enemy vessels and using bows and crossbows before boarding and fighting hand to hand.

Unless one side possesses a battle mage.

Vel Anir has always capitalised upon its Dreadlords. A Black Fort is a rare ship built specifically for a magical battle upon the waves.

They are built from obsidian ash. An exceptionally rare tree found only fal'addas. The trees of obsidian ash make a jet black wood that when treated properly remains resistant to magic.

The aft castle of a black fort is literal fort of black, rising up out of the ocean above the height of most vessels. Each ship is usually protected a handful of mages who hurl their destructive magics from this vantage point.

One has not been built for years. The elves drove the Vel Anir woodsmen from the groves where the trees grew. No attempt to find the groves in the years since has been successful.

It is believed that at most a dozen of these vessels were ever constructed and perhaps eight still remain.

Known Ships

The Bolt
The Red Ashes


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