Vandor Colton

Character Theme
Gladiator - Progeny

Vandor Colton

Biographical information
Allir Reach 30 No permanent home
Physical description
Human Male 5'10" 165 lbs Dark brown Black White
Political information
Out-of-character information
Die Shize 03 -SEP 2023

Vandor Colton is a mercenary of minor reputation and born of low status. While not a knight, he was trained after their fashion, being adept at combat, trained in weapons and armor and having been raised with chivalry in mind.

However, over time, the sellsword has learned to sell his sword to generally anybody willing to pay. While he does not go out of his way to commit atrocity, and is not inclined to build a reputation of ill repute, Vandor may find his jobs to be beneath the morality of some others.

Whether in the service of a lord or being hired at a tavern, for the most part, it just depends on the contract and its payment. The nature of the job generally takes a backseat.


Vandor is of average height and sports a strong build, but not so heavy as to sacrifice speed and agility. His dark brown hair is kept back and falls to the base of his neck. He has a short beard. He usually travels with his armor on.

Skills and Abilities

Combat: Favors sword and shield and wears a suit of plate armor
Versatility: Flexible in the contract he takes and can work alone or with others
Courage: Will gladly take on the meanest enemy if it means getting paid for it
Loyalty: A sellsword who won't break a contract to shift sides for higher coin


Vandor is not shy or reserved but is usually the guy who keeps quiet at the back of the tavern unless someone invites him to the bar. A handsome man who knows it but doesn't go out of his way to show it, he can take a woman in his arms but has no desire to settle down.

As a mercenary, he is often traveling, sleeping in the wild, inns or the lodging of his employer. He has since developed an appreciation for keeping to himself and going alone in the world, though he has no qualms with working with a partner or in a group.

Though not cruel of heart, Vandor may be unpredictable in his behavior toward others. He may save the lady getting beaten but may not care about the cutpurse running past him. If highwaymen need to be taken out then he'll be glad to, but a crime lord may offer more to support those toll bridges. It just depends on the circumstances.

Biography & Lore

Vandor was born in the Allir Reach as the younger brother of two. Raised by his mother and father on a farm, fairly well off, he knew hard work from an early age. After the estate was being harassed by bandits, and the situation escalated into his brother being killed, the boy was determined to take revenge. He did, with the help of his uncle.

An older man than his father and a 'hedge knight', a wandering knight without a master, he trained Vandor in the ways of knighthood. The boy mainly focused on combat, though, and had little patience for any creed. The local knights could have intervened with the Coltons' situation but they didn't and he had no immediate desire to become one.

Vandor was more interested in finding his own way in life, though he only really knew how to fight. Content to get by with simple living, he decided to try his hand as a mercenary. The farmer's life was not for him, leaving mother and father behind as he searched for adventure.

Eventually, the life of a mercenary grew on him until it became second nature. From one job to the next, some less honest, his existence amounted to serving the contract. He has his own code: get the job done, get paid, move on. It wasn't much but it was enough.

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