Vance Winters: Warlock Bounty Hunter



Basic Details

  • * Name: Vance Winters
    * Species: Human
    * Age: Appears to be around mid 20s, could be much older
    * Height:6'0"
    * Weight: 10 St
    * Hair: Dark blue, long with a spikey fringe that sweeps to the right
    * Eyes: red
    * Skin: very pale white

Personal Details

  • * Occupation: Daemon/Warlock bounty hunter
    * Place of Birth: Elbion
    * Affiliation: None
    * Home: Elbion
    * Aliases: Damon, Vance, Daemon, Daemon Pendragon, The Daemon Lord


  • Dark blue hair, spiked fringe, sweeping to the right
  • Bright red eyes
  • very pale skin covered in old scars
  • wardrobe mainly consists of dark clothing that allows free movement but also conceals any artifacts he may have on his person at any one time

Skills and Abilities

Vance is a master of the blade and Daemonic Magic, combining both or otherwise using them simultaneously to fit his purposes and achieve his goals. While Damon has no magical potential, his patron's is immense. Only collectively as Vance can they tap into the reserves of power that a Greater Daemon holds, this means that they have to agree on a target. Every time he uses a spell it claws at his sanity a little more, more powerful spells tear larger chunks and the only way to slow down the degradation is to immerse himself in normal society for an extended period of time although this is not always possible so his sanity is fragile at the best of times leaving him an adrenaline junkie: looking for the next thing that can give him the exhilaration of combat and the thrill of almost dying. He is by no means cruel, people of all races have gained his trust over time and many can rely on him to be a faithful companion.


Absorbed into the above description/

Biography & Lore

Vance Winters is the chosen name of Damon Pendragon, sole surviving heir to a lesser branch of the Pendragon bloodline, a branch that actively practised magic so when he passed through puberty and experienced none of the usual tell-tale signs that an individual had magical potential his kin were naturally concerned but did not push him in any direction because of it and for that he was grateful. One night a warlock assassin (that he would later found out was hired by the main branch of the Pendragon bloodline to exterminate such a heretical branch) snuck into their home and brutally murdered his kin in their sleep, the only reason he wasn't mercilessly butchered was because he wasn't asleep, he was praying. Praying to every deity and being of power he could think of that could gift him the kind of magical power that he should have inherited, that he craved. When his would-be murder entered his bedchamber he leapt to his feet, his eyes instantly recognising the blood splotches that were testament to the warlock's crimes, Vance instinctively grasping at his long-sword. He may have had no magical power but he was a Pendragon and that meant he was trained in the ways of the blade. However no strip of plain steel no matter how sharp can hope to compete against Daemonic Hellfire. And so after a short and utterly futile resistance he was grievously injured in a way that only fell magic can achieve... Only he wasn't killed, out of sheer rage and grief he somehow survived the corruption and bound a fragment of the Daemon patron that attacked him to his will, he thrashed and screamed, every cell felt like it was being ripped apart and then set on fire.The Daemon was intrigued: how could a mere mortal with no magical ability whatsoever survive that kind of corruption AND bind it to his will? He had to know! He broke his pact with the assassin and possessed Damon, even if it killed him he could find another host. No great loss. Damon opened his mouth in an inaudible scream, if it hurt before this was incomprehensible! A red glow shone out of his eyes and mouth and his left arm was consumed by eternally ravenously consuming magic. Damon blacked out and collapsed but not before the image of his family rose to the forefront of his mind, sifted from all of his memories and with what he thought were his dying breaths he vowed revenge. They were not his dying breaths, hours later he awoke in a cold sweat, shuddering at the nightmare he had just had. That was until he tried to move his arms and found that his left arm was actually gone. He yelled and scrambled away as a voice invaded his mind "I am Vance, a greater Daemon, I have possessed you now, our souls linked, destinies intertwined. As long as you find worthy opponents to fight I will gift you the power you crave..."

With that Damon assumed the mantle of Vance Winters, renowned bounty hunter and Daemon Lord, set upon an unending quest of revenge and appeasement: cutting out evil where it took root and satisfying his patron with ever more powerful foes...


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