Syvis Quimaer

Syvis Quimaer.

Biographical information
Unconfirmed. Twenty-Five. She is a nomad and tends to travel, she intends to settle down one day after experiencing the world.
Physical description
Syvis is a half elven. Female. 5'7 127lbs White/blonde Grey Pale
Political information
Syvis takes on odd jobs, and is very swift with her fingers. She is also a popular Sycophant amongst noble men.
Out-of-character information
Sesha 12/20/2020

Syvis Quimaer, alike to most elves, is arrogant. She grew up in Fal'Addas with her father. As her mother was human, Syvis possesses Elven traits and human. Syvis finds herself quite beautiful and will maintain her appearance regardless of situation and she intends to do that all throughout her long years. She possesses the skills of a warrior but she doesn’t use them as she finds it boring and pointless.


Syvis is around the height of an average human woman, but she lighter then what a healthy human weight would be at that height. This is due to her Elven lineage, she is very healthy. She is slimmer than a human woman, she is strong yet Syvis looks more athletic than muscular.

Coming from High Elf lineage she is extremely pale skinned a like to skimmed milk and always will be despite weather. Syvis is extremely freckled. It is believed her bloodline is traceable to Star or Moon elves due to her silver hair and pale bluey-gray eyes. Her hair is always worn down with various tiny braids throughout, the only time it is up is during a job. She does this to stay true to her heritage.

Most elven races physically mature around 25 and mentally mature around 115. Syvis' human blood sped up her maturing process by a little, she matured physically at 17 but she still has the mental maturity of a 17 year old girl causing her to act very rash. It is estimated she will not survive as long as pure-blood elves do but she still will have a higher life expectancy than a human. She will also likely not suffer the effects of old age alike to full-blood elves.

Unalike to her elven family members Syvis does need sleep, despite her best efforts she has yet to enter reverie.

Skills and Abilities

Syvis is skilled with a classic bow and arrow and light dagger work. She is a trained thief, and good at what she does when she chooses. She has been commissioned in the past and will do nearly anything for a price.

As she acknowledges her beauty she is never afraid to use it to get ahead, if a flip of her hair will get her where she needs to be she will use that. She's resourceful and her beauty is a resource. If that fails she'll hold an Elven dagger to your throat.

Her bloodlines have provided her with magical abilities, she didn't practice with the intenseness of her elven counter parts meaning her spells aren't the strongest nor is her stamina high. Her specialties are protections and healing spells, her shield spell being incredibly draining yet extremely hard to penetrate yet after holding it for a few minutes she is prone to collapsing. Syvis is extremely magic sensitive and can often sense spells being cast upon her or around her, such spells enrage her.

She possesses agility, speed, and gracefulness from her elven lineage despite her years of training her skills will never be as honed as a pure-blood elf. Syvis refuses to admit this and forces herself over the edge repeatedly believing she just isn't working hard enough. This is a weakness, as her inability to accept help from another as she believes she can't trust anyone other then her body.


Syvis is arrogant and cocky.

She'll make you hate her before you ever love her. She finds enjoyment in aggravating people, and often does it on purpose. For some peculiar reason seeing someone tick as they struggle to find the words to call her something awful brings her joy, she loves to laugh in someone's red, sputtering, angry face after they call her whatever hateful name came to their tongue first.

She considers herself a great beauty which she won't blatantly inform you, but she makes it apparent through how she carries herself; better than everyone in the room. After years of being surrounded by elves and not being the prettiest she finally left and all those years of competition in her mind makes her a fine specimen to the "simple" folks.

She will ask advice just to ignore it majority of the time. In fact sometimes she'll ask someone for advice for the soul reason of doing the opposite regardless, adding onto the being infuriating. Just so she can repeat it. Sometimes she'll do what a person advises just to keep them advising. Part of this stems off of how Elves tend to be detached from events and tend to act without a fear of consequences.

When Syvis puts her eyes on something she'll have it without fail. She will do whatever it takes to have it. She rarely wants, and when she does want, don't get in her way.

Syvis tends to act as if she's indifferent to the suffering of the world but it greatly bothers her, she's the type to act in agreeance with a slave master then murder them in their sleep that night and not blink twice. Just alike to how she'll act as if she hates you and you're the most annoying thing she's ever spoken to, but will stay up all night wondering if you're okay.

Syvis will rarely inform you that she cares about or even likes you as she believes her actions speak louder than her words ever could, plus she has no clue how to care for someone, or how to even say anything supportive.

Biography & Lore

Syvis Quimaer is the only known child born to her Elven father and Human mother. Syvis’ mother had an affair with a rich Elven man; Syvis’ father, upon discovering she was with child she maintained the pregnancy as her husband’s. When the child was born Syvis’ mother realized she wouldn’t be able to conceal the babe’s identity as half-elf. She then informed her husband that their child passed during the birthing, and abandoned Syvis outside the home of her father. Upon discovering the babe, Syvis’ father took one look at her big gray eyes and tufty white hair and maintained no doubts whatsoever that Syvis was his kin. He named her Syvis after the first matriarch of the Quimaer line.

Syvis’ father; Fhaornik, had craved a son all his life, and wouldn’t allow a daughter to ruin his and the family's legacy. Fhaornik raised his daughter as he would’ve a son, he trained her in the arts of battle, and how to make it in this world on her own. Much to Fhaornik’s delight his daughter despite only being half-elf adopted these skills gracefully and skillfully, but much to his dismay Syvis also adopted the skills of beauty and daintiness.

As Syvis was only a half-elf trying to make it in the upper-class Elven world she had to work double the amount of her peers to be graceful, poised, beautiful, and deadly. Luckily her hair brought her to the same levels as her female peers in the beauty department. She matched her Elven peer’s arrogance with more arrogance, and grew to be incredibly vain and narcissistic meaning their snide comments had no weight on her. The only opinion Syvis ever cared about was Fhaornik’s and was her father ever opinionated.

When she reached the age of 18 she worked her first commissioned thievery gig, stealing a set of heirloom decanters from a richer family. She made a pretty penny and worked 4 more commissioned jobs before her father caught on and chastised her, for using the skills he taught her for nothing good. Fhaornik informed Syvis if thievery was how she intended to make a living, she could do it away from him and his home. Being a stubborn girl she stood up and turned on her heel and went to pack. Fhaornik followed her and informed her that none of this stuff was truly hers so she couldn’t take it, in a failed attempt to convince Syvis to change her mind. Syvis looked her father up and down and grabbed her coin purse and threw on her belt. She bid him a hostile farewell and has yet to return to any Elven owned area.

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