Solitude character


Biographical information
Alliria 21 Various Parishes across Arethil
Physical description
Human Female 5’9 135 lbs Black Red Fair
Political information
Out-of-character information
Silence Conspiracy 02/22/2022

Solitude was the name given to girl named Wisteria from some far off reaches of the Liadin continent. As she was a twin, her and her identical twin sister were “offered” to the Church. Wisteria’s parents received forgiveness for their sins and Wisteria and her sister were subjected to [redacted].


Sol has a lean and athletic physique due to years of grueling training. Scars would normally cover over her entire body but as the archdiocese understands that being assassin means one’s body is important. So Sol is free of blemishes of any sort, even if it means she needs to be healed often after missions. Long black hair the color of a starless night and pigeon blood ruby eyes to show that while she looks human she isn’t.

Skills and Abilities

As an assassin Solitude possesses a variety of skills. Other than being able to read and write, she has many skills that help her survival in the wild or out on sea. Competent in horse riding and using weapons while on horse back. Excels the most in subterfuge and shadow working. Adept at alchemy and creating potions to make her jobs easier. A master of stealth and hiding. Is quite horrible with blood magic, and the idea of magic in general.

As a shadowkin her shadow is darker than the average human as it houses her shadow self and her sister. Sol’s shadowkin is a fox, and if her sister does ever make an appearance, it usually is in a terrifying form.


Lazy, uninspired, and a idiot are some of the ways that Priests of the Church like to describe Solitude. She’s a nuisance, whether it’s with her attitude or the fact that she seems to never think when it comes to her missions. Rambunctious and quick to roll her eyes, her only good traits is that she seems to not get enveloped with shadow sickness or blood lust, but plenty of other assassins seemed immune to it before and look where they ended up?

Biography & Lore

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