Biographical information
Spring Court Undetermined
Physical description
Leannan Sidhe Female 5ft5 Inky Black Crystalline Rust Olive Complexion
Political information
Harbourer of Secrets
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doonaday unfound

you’re worried about
bad apples

we’re wary of the

because no healthy

bears strange fruit


Waifish at first glance, with her dark hair falling over to veil her sharp facial features, Solenne does not appear to be an immediate threat. No visible muscle or strength, no sign of feeding herself a gluttonous meal, it is a wonder how she survived the wilds of the Falwoods for so long. Fae in appearance, she hails from no Court, and can be heard in a soft voice telling the story of how her family and people banished her and her secrets.

Her wings are of a pale green, appearing so light it could be mistaken for white and translucent. Whereas some wings are considered beautiful when intact, her own became tattered in an unknown altercation.

Skills and Abilities

The longer one spends in her company, the more obvious it becomes that she feeds on secrets. Able to procure sinful confessions or secrets meant to be taken to the grave, Solenne's charm can always be ignored, but her relentless nature can be a cause for concern.

Once in possession of a secret, she can make the confessor forget it altogether, or simply at it to her repertoire of weaponry, dangling the knowledge before them like a threat.


Solenne exudes a soft and sweet persona, often described that she could very well exist in dreamscapes that beckon you to spill the contents of skeletons in your closet. Others have said she is like a carnivorous plant, drawing you in before ensnaring your secrets to feed upon.

Biography & Lore

Solenne once held a book and wrote sworn secrets to its pages in her tears, a liquid only she could see. Eventually, she created her own language and code to safeguard these charges, but nowadays accrued so many that her mind created a trove impenetrable other than by her own conscience.


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