Sig character

Sig (character)

Biographical information
Alliria 18 The Shallows
Physical description
Human Male 5 foot 11 inches naturally broad-shouldered but due to lack of appetite quite skinny red blue fair
Political information
a useless daydreamer
Out-of-character information
silenceconspiracy september 28, 2023 MamBa

Only 5 coppers?

“Your life isn’t worth much.”

But I’m going to give you five whole years.

“I already told you kid, it’s not about the quantity but the quality you give. I hate to say it but your life? Near worthless. Oh, c’mon, don’t give me that look. Here. Take the five coppers, feed you and your friends, and maybe try living a little? I’ll take memories, too. Make some happy ones and maybe I can give you a little bit more.”


Red hair, blue eyes, fair skin.

Skills and Abilities

can fall asleep anywhere
Mathematical genius but no one knows this, not like he was ever put through school.
Can daydream anywhere


Unmotivated, lazy and useless are probably the worst things Sig has been called by those who don’t know him. Gentle, soft spoken and never once showing anger are the nice things said about him.

Biography & Lore

Sig was called Sigmund Jr when he was four or five years of age, although he’s not quite sure when, and often called Junior by his mother in public. In private she was quick to remind him that he was a destitute, dense and dirty child but that was okay because she loved him and would always protect him anyways. He escaped his home at thirteen and ended up in the shallows.


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