Siege of Cregsbend Castle

Siege of Cregsbend Castle

369AC Cregsbend Castle, central Liadain Fortified town looted, keep successfully defended
Orcish warband, Elven raiders
Orcish chieftain, Arianrhod
Significant loss of life


The motte-and-bailey castle at Cregsbend comprised a keep overlooking a fortified settlement. When an orcish warband burned a nearby town, Baron Herriman, Cregsbend's lord, sent word to his people to gather inside Cregsbend's walls.

To bolster his forces against an anticipated attack, he hired a contingent of Silver Key mercenaries led by Ledhros Caur. Herriman and Caur recruited various travelers to assist, including the monster hunter Thane Jackdaw, the fighter Aratus Seldomus, the disguised Dreadlord Selene Avar, the old orcish alchemist Urberus, and the orcish warrior Hath Charosh.

Though the defenders were not aware, the enemy warband was reinforced by elven radicals under Arianrhod.


The warband assaulted the north and west walls of the bailey town headlong, regardless of their losses to Cregsbend's fortified ditches. While Urberus provided alchemical potions to the defenders, Caur reinforced the north side and Seldomus, Jackdaw, and Charosh the gatehouse on the west.

As full battle was joined, Avar noticed an orcish sneak attack on the eastern wall. Caur committed his reserves to reinforce Avar, and Seldomus went with them. The orcs faced withering fire, not just from the walls but from the keep above on their flank. Though they deployed a large ogre to breach the walls, Urberus sent his alchemically augmented familiar, an ape troll of sorts, as a counter.

The western gatehouse defense held, but the north wall buckled under orcish axes. Caur used mimicry and one of Urberus' potions, sacrificed Herriman's prized boar, and took a half-boar form to grapple with the orc onslaught at close range.

From the keep, Herriman signalled a withdrawal. Those defenders and civilians who hadn't already pulled back into the hilltop keep began to do so in a fighting retreat. Orcs and elven raiders streamed into the bailey town through the northern wall breach, killing indiscriminately.


The orcs and elven raiders looted the bailey town comprehensively, but were unable to breach Herriman's keep. Rather than engage in a prolonged siege, the orcs moved on to softer targets elsewhere. Herriman paid his debts and the mercenaries moved on as well, leaving Cregsbend a fraction of what it had been. Cregsbend's weakness and ongoing needs became important in light of its strategic location between Vel Anir and the Empire of Amol-Kalit.

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