Serene the Servant

Serene the Servant

Biographical information
Uknown Uknown N/A
Physical description
Dark Elf Female 5'9ft 158lbs White Dark Grey Pitch Black
Political information
Caravan Servant
Out-of-character information

Ill tempered as many of her kind, she's enslaved in debt with the wrong people. Instead of paying with her body, she was given the opportunity to do manual work instead by serving the caravans that roamed the continent. She's experienced with the cruelty of the world, but has never had to wield a sword to attack someone before as there hadn't been the need to.


With little to go on besides her sharp jawline and sparkling eyes, not much can be said of her outer appearance. Having never learned to dress as is accustomed by her kind, she has thrown into her garment whatever the next caravan would spare for her and is okay with it, hiding her body features to the naked eye.

Skills and Abilities

Having learned the basic of surviving in the wilds thanks to the multiple caravans she's worked with in the past, her body has learned to adapt to the environment around her. She has little to no experience with combat.

Regardless, being keen with a blade and a forager by nature, she's become well renown within the caravan servant's circle.


The name Serene was given to her by her contractors, having never cared for her well being even after selling her out to a caravan company for quick profit as the woman had little to go in terms of looks when plenty of others of her race were considered goddess in appearance alone.

Serene is of a quiet, shy personality. Having experienced much in her time as a slave maid yet always hiding from danger in any given moment, she wasn't innocent in mind but had little physical experience with hardships that were borderline fatal. This would soon change in her next expedition.

Biography & Lore

Innocent or naïve, Serene wasn't regarded as someone with hardships in life, her physique spoke of this truth.

Everyone was surprised when she turned to her first caravan run and came back alive and without a scratch. Three times more she was sent in dangerous places, and again she came back as well as she had left. Spies had been sent, servants and mercenaries alike and yet in their moment of despair not one of them realized she was hiding right under their noses.

In reality, she understood plenty she was no match for the foes the caravans would encounter, as did many of the maids that followed them. Orcs and savage tribes, mercenaries and robbers, rival caravans and wild animals, with no one willing to teach her how to defend herself, she had little option but to run and hide, her skin becoming the perfect camouflage at night.

Little was known of her other than her childhood being a peaceful one. She never seemed to talk about her family, yet the endearment in her eyes towards them was clear as the sky on spring.

Her existence was first considered ill-luck until she taught the maid servants how to do as she did, be in foraging or handling a knife, hiding in plain sight with the color palette of their clothing in an attack. Though it wasn't always perfect, she was soon considered to be guardian of the maid servants even if only by name, as she would cower away from danger as the rest.

Serene was a civilian just like any other.


After the events transpiring under a wormhole dungeon, Serene has turned to the darker pits of her heart, fueled by hatred and resentment towards everyone who treated her like the plague.

Something else is living alongside her, rooted deep within her body, she has no name for it and found little to no answers regarding its existence or why it continued to exist. Regardless, it has given her power, strength, enough so to fight her way out of death itself on multiple occasions.

She has yet to learn her true potential, but there's always plenty of opportunities. Especially when the world slowly starts to remember your name with one word in mine.



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