Serafina Marcell

Biographical information
Yarrin 23 Yarrin
Physical description
Human Female 5ft 5 light blonde blue pale
Political information
Lady's Handmaid
Out-of-character information

"In the Age of Legends it is said that Marcell created an object so powerful that it was destroyed for the safety of mankind. Its pieces were scattered across the lands in order to avoid them ever being joined together. Many have tried in the past, curious of the secrets this artefact beholds, but all have failed.

There is a reason for their failure. Marcell knew how powerful this weapon was and he did not trust anyone but himself to use it for its true purpose. As such he forged and bound it in his own blood.

As an old scholar I will confess in these pages that I myself have searched, for the Key and pieces but to no avail. I believe I might have tracked down his last known family to the Northern region of the Lysl but by that point I was too frail to make the journey myself. Surely it would be a wonder to have this Legend restored once again and to see for ourselves what the magics of the Age that gave us the floating cities of Kar'ha could achieve."

Scholar Lwellen, Monastry of Jaz'ha


Sera has often been described as an innocent beauty. From her bright sapphire blue eyes to her full curves, she looks soft and suited to the gentle work of a lady's handmaid. Usually Sera can be found dressed in the clothes of a typical Handmaid; corseted dresses in muted tones such as pale blues, pinks or yellows. She tends to favour wearing her long hair up and off the back of her neck or in tight braids as is the fashion in Yarrin.

Skills and Abilities

Mages Blood: Unbeknownst to Sera, after her mother died she is the last descendent of the legendary mage Marcell. She has a latent ability to be able to sense the pieces of a long lost magical artefact he created and will also be the key to using it once it is completed.


Sera is a typical young girl enjoying the favour of the Lady in charge of the small town of Yarrin. She can be quite naïve and her world view is often limited to what she had experienced in her hometown. Her friends would describe her as a dreamer but full of laughter. She enjoys making up stories or finding them in the library and reading to the Girls during sewing sessions. Sera can be quite cheeky at times and there has been more than one occasion her tongue had gotten her into trouble, only for it to get her out of trouble a few minutes later.

Biography & Lore

Serafina grew up in the Lady's House after her mother died during childbirth. Her father was a cook in the Household and the Lady Helena had a soft spot for the young man trying to handle a newborn child alongside his duties. As such they were given rooms within the House itself and Sera was raised alongside Helena's own child who was a year older than her, Violet. Lady Helena died when the girls were in their late teens and as Violet rose to become Lady of the House, she took her childhood friend Sera with her.

Sera still words as Violet's Handmaid and is one of her closest confidents. She still lives in the House with her father who still works as a chef in the kitchens.


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