Saskia Kerraelas

Saskia Kerraelas

Biographical information
Unknown 19
Physical description
Human Mage Female 5ft9 Slender and Toned Sunny Blonde Amber Gold Light
Political information
Knight of Anathaeum
Out-of-character information

An orphan that grew up in the Astenvale Monastery beside her best and closest friend Alaric Wulf and the two worked side by side to achieve the results to advance from their squire days.


Saskia is taller than average, and slender despite the amount of work and effort to build muscle. Not necessarily weak, she makes up her lack of strength with endurance. She has pale blonde hair that falls down her back, often tied back when required but chooses to let it loose to show it off. Her eyes are a curious blend of light amber and gold, often switching to either shade depending on the light.

Skills and Abilities

Very adept with dual weapons, Saskia's ambidextrous skills are a credit to her dedication in mastering more than one choice of weapon. She prefers to toy with an opponent, wearing them down before going for the finishing strikes.

Saskia also has the ability to create familiars from the darkest shadows of night, the form she chooses to summon being twin wolves that are capable of fighting alongside her. She had named them fondly, Bread and Butter.


With no family other than those she grew up with at the monastery, she bloomed into a sociable character with a carefree look to life. Although a creature of habit, she does enjoy quiet time to herself, or take the opportunity to annoy Alaric. Between the two friends, bickering can often grow from their differing personalities, but in the end, Saskia is always the first to apologise as she cannot stand the guilt and burden of anyone thinking ill of her.

Biography & Lore

to be filled! stay tuned!


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