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Wallace Hall

Biographical information
Alliria 59 Sovereignty Castle
Physical description
Human Male 5'11" Long white hair Brown Caucasian
Political information
Apostle/Councilor of the Sovereign Order
Out-of-character information
Dauner https://www.pinterest.com/pin/29906785017617258/

Head of the Hall merchant family and merchant lord of Alliria, Wallace commands great wealth, second only to Vershek within the order. Unlike the rest, he never had any dept to repay to Dauner, nor did he join the order of his own volition. He was forcefully marked by Dauner on one night in his mansion in Alliria, and has since then been unable to deny his new master's commands. He maintains free will, however, and holds one of the highest positions within the order, along with other privileges that make him less than likely to leave the order, even if the enslavement mark was erased.


Skills and Abilities


Biography & Lore


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