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Torin Gemheart

Biographical information
Kazarek 35 Kazarek
Physical description
Dwarf Male 4'6" 220 lbs Black Green White
Political information
Out-of-character information
Die Shize 09 SEP 23 https://i.imgur.com/YFOAhxg.jpg

Torin Gemheart is a dwarf born in the stronghold of Kazarek, one of many dwarven cities throughout the reaches of the known world. While not the youngest, he is a younger son in a number of Clan Gemheart, a minor noble family within the realm.

A family of smiths, merchants and warriors, Torin has followed their calling, only rather than focusing his efforts and works at home, has taken his talents topside. Above ground is where he spends most of his time.

A staunch supporter of his clan, albeit with a penchant for adventure, Torin believes that the best way he can do his part for family and his city is to venture throughout the lands surrounding his home of stone. So he does, and he brings the axe in his hand instead of the bow.


Torin is a bit typical when it comes to a dwarf's physique. Short and stout, with more muscle than fat, shorter than the average human. However, where a number of dwarves may sport longer hair, Torin keeps his head hair short. His beard is long and thick enough.

On his forehead is a tattoo of a black heart. He took this as his personal signet in tandem with his nickname, 'Torin the Blackheart'. It just as much serves as his symbolism of his clan, the Gemhearts, whose official sigil is a purple gem, otherwise an amethyst.

He has a scar beneath his right eye. How did he get it? Ask the guy!

Skills and Abilities

Combat: This dwarf is skilled with shield, sword, axe and hammer. He favors the latter
Smithing: He creates and shapes his own weapons and armor
Merchant: He buys and sells a portion of what he makes


Torin's personality is a bit of a dichotomy. Given his sense of humor, and his purpose of showing up others, he embraces this. Though he is often seen as unsmiling, with a head and face of black hair worth his nickname in weight and unlike his brothers and sisters, his is by far a black heart.

Despite an otherwise gruff countenance, Torin's smile is simply often delayed. The Blackheart is a rather happy man, and therein lies the contradiction of his moniker. He has a heart to serve others, family and other beings, but isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty if it means putting enemies to shame.

Biography & Lore

Born in the Halls of Kazarek, a dwarven stronghold and undercity, Torin's family is one of minor nobility. Founded amidst the ranks of warriors and smiths, Clan Gemheart claimed its identity by braving the deep. Soldiers helped clear the way of underground enemies so that diggers could dig and miners could mine and Kazarek could expand its kingdom.

Years later, the Gemhearts never sought to bid for a greater name. They were content with their place and size, whose lord and lady are still living, and Torin has many siblings amid cousins both close and distant. However, as fond as he is of his homeland, the Blackheart sought adventure.

Despite so many dwarves already living in the surface world, most Kazarekans kept to themselves and stayed beneath the dirt in their stone homes. To see the sky would lead to queasy feelings of falling upside down, so to speak, but it never really fazed Torin's gaze.

At the age greater than a teenager, he braved the plains above the caves and forged his own way. In the forge, he creates and shapes arms and armor. As a warrior, he offers his axe, if not quite a sellsword. As a merchant, he further pays his way. His earnings go toward his living as much as his family. This is the way.

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