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We are temporal beings, and reside in a physical plane. Our souls reside here as well, but they are outside our ability to perceive. The soul is a sound that our ears cannot hear, a color the eyes cannot see.

But we need not remain deaf and blind. Indeed, we are not meant to remain so. Every living being has the potential within them to become aware of the indiscernible. By looking inward to the eternal inside us, we find a connection between the unconscious and conscious self. We become the corporeal and the ethereal. We become whole.

The Abtati teach that the Soul is comprised of 8 key components, and that through adherence to the will of Abtatu, one can "forge their soul" and gain the ability to perform what other cultures commonly refer to as Magic. Translated from our native tongue, the Abtati refer to "magic" as Soul Channeling.

Herein lies the doctrine of Ko, Ahku, Sahu, Sekhem, Khaibit, Bah, Ahu, and Ren. (With brief notes on Kha, and other pertinent teachings.)

(Translated: Spirit, Willpower, The Id, Life Force, Psyche, The Anima, Heart, and Ego.)

Set forth by Nahir of the Desert, disciple of Abtatu's will.

Soul Channeling

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Ko is the soul's skin, bone and flesh- the spiritual vessel which envelopes, binds, and transports the other 7 pieces of the soul, allowing them to harmonize within one individual.

Because Ko brings harmony to the soul, it must be aligned before the other 7. If it is not, the initiate will surely perish. In order to maintain harmony, all soul sages much align the eight facets of soul in the sequence here listed.

Ko teaches us we are more than our bodies and appetites, and that there is a path for us to follow.

Ko is often simply referred to as spirit. It is associated with where our spirit goes at death. Channeling one's Ko can let them reach out to the transcendent plane, and glimpse our inevitable destination.

Core Truth: I am on a journey.
Basic Techniques: Commune with the Dead, Raise Ancestor.


Ahku is the soul's lungs and voice- it facilitates spiritual revitalization and communication.

The Ahku teaches the initiate to allow energy to flow freely. This grants the strength to continue down the path, and to communicate to others their dreams and will.

Ahku is sometimes called willpower, and is associated with the soul's direct impact on the physical world, including illusion creation and exerting physical force with the soul.

Core Truth: I am a choice.
Basic Techniques: Minor Illusion, Mage Hand, Force Blast, Magnify Voice.


Sahu is the bowels and stomach of the soul- the part of the soul that breaks down the outside world, repurposes that which is useful, and discards that which is not.

Channeling Sahu teaches the initiate that everything and everyone is formed of the same basic elements, and that in this way, all is connected. No one is ever alone.

Sahu has been called the Id, and is associated with elemental manipulation, especially Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

Core Truth: I am made of all.
Basic Techniques: Manipulate Sand, Manipulate Flame, Manipulate Water, Call Wind


Sekhem is the blood of the soul- essential and precious. If an initiate is struck by a spiritual attack, the Sekhem will weather the strike.

Channeling Sekhem facilitates reconstruction of that which is damaged. It teaches the initiate that being alive does not make us fragile; it makes us eternal.

Foreign practitioners refer to Sekhem as Life Force. It is associated with techniques that heal or purify.

Core Truth: I am alive.
Basic Techniques: Cure Minor Wounds, Slow Poison.


Khaibit is the spiritual component of the mind. It deals with consciousness; one might say it IS the consciousness. Khaibit is the driving force that moves memory and perception within the brain.

Channeling the Khaibit helps the initiate's perception break free of their physical constraints, becoming the Projected Soul.

The uninitiated call Khaibit psyche. It is associated with mental techniques and soul projection.

Core Truth: I am an idea.
Basic Techniques: Enhance Focus, Clear Mind, Simple Memory Share.


Bah is the nose and ears of the soul- the senses taken for granted, linked to our base instincts. It is the facet of the soul that allows one to become more than they are; transcending limits and unleashing the inner beast. Channeling Bah connects the initiate to the natural world, and to the ancestral memory. When fully realized, it takes the form of an animal, though that form can vary widely, even for a single individual on different occasions.

Bah is sometimes called the Anima. Channeling Bah can expedite shapeshifting and enhance survival skills.

Core Principle: I am the first and the last.
Basic Techniques: Enhance senses, partial skinchange, greater endurance.


The uninitiated often refer to Abu as heart; not referring to the blood-pumping organ, but rather the moral center of the soul. "Her heart is ice cold." "He's all heart."

This is because the Abu is the soul's heart, and deals with emotion. Channeling the Abu unlocks an initiate's emotional potential; rage, grief, or arrogance change from debilitating states of being to energy, tools, weapons. It is associated with what College Magicians refer to as detective & unassociated Empathy.

Core Principle: I am a feeling.
Basic Techniques: Dagger of Derision, Shield of Sorrow, Arrow of Arrogance


Ren is the All and the One. It is the identity, the self, and The Name. Ren serves as the eyes of the soul, the windows through which can be seen the True Self, the unchained potential.

To channel Ren is to seek out that which we already know; to learn our True Name, our Ren. It is the pursuit and quest of every Soul Sage, and marks the beginning of ascension. The ancient master of Ren, having achieved connection and harmony with all things through his own True Name, could even discern the True Name of other beings.

This ability gave him, as a perfect student of Abtatu, absolute control and authority over all of creation. This was the beginning of Pharaoh: the God Kings.

Ren is similar to the concept of Ego, and is associated with the absolute identity and cosmic unraveling. Very dangerous.

Core Principle: I AM.
Basic Techniques: All soul channeling associated with the Ren is highly advanced and cautioned against unless an extremely skilled practitioner.
There are no basic techniques which channel the Ren.

Limitations and Safe Practices

Non-Sand Elf Sages

Becoming a soul sage has nothing to do with memorizing ridiculous phrases or drawing complex symbols. To align the facets of the soul takes years of meditation and reflection, as well as deep spirituality. An intimate understanding of Abtati culture and mysticism is essential. All beings' souls are made of the same components, but as the people of Abtatu, only the Sand Elves traditionally walk the path of the initiate. The last outsider to become a Soul Sage passed away long before the Abtati civilization was annihilated by treachery and tragedy. The long life of Abtatu's people is also advantageous when seeking to unlock powers that can take decades to develop.

A Lifelong Quest

In the case of a soul sage The fastest recorded time that any sage has aligned any facet of the soul is 17 Pnerian months. A more reasonable expectation would be between two and one half and three years. Enlightenment is not something that can be hurried on like a beast with the crack of a whip. Initiate sages are expected to begin aligning their Ko at 7 years of age. That's the age I began at. And it took me four years to align my Ko. The soul is most diverse and unique part of a person, and so no two paths are quite alike.

There are schools of foreign magic in which confident proficiency can be had in just a few short years, or even within a year of diligent study and practice. Soul Channeling is nothing like these schools. If 2-3 years seems an excessive amount of time to progress on the path, then one ought to know that the more facets a sage has aligned, the longer each remaining facet will typically take.

Spiritual Fluctuation

It is common for initiates to believe that once they have proven the ability to safely use a soul skill, they will be able to reliably call on that skill indefinitely. This is resoundingly untrue. All soul skills rely on spiritual awareness to affect the material world. If paralyzing fear grips the sage, if energy ceases to flow, should the soul lose internal harmony and balance; all of these things can cause soul skills to lose effectiveness. Facets of the soul can become blocked, damaged, conflicted, locked against personal issues and trauma or locked against other facets of the soul. Personal epiphany is not a reliable means of resolving these afflictions. In nearly every case, the sage must spend days and nights in meditation to repair what so quickly was broken.

Soul Techniques

Outsiders may view the alignment of a particular soul facet as sudden mastery of an entire school of technique, but this is simply not the case. Not only must a soul sage continuously develop the endurance and upper limit of their soul's power, but they must also accept that some techniques will take additional years to acquire, or may never come at all. My Sahu has been aligned for years, and harmonized several times, and yet I still can channel no ability at all related to fire. Every soul is different, and manifests strengths in different ways. Some of these unique deficits can be overcome through decades of study, but most are immovable.

Once a facet of the soul is aligned, the sage has only just begun their journey of understanding and developing that facet of themselves. Powerful skills and flashy mantras will come many years down the line, and never at all if they are chased after foolishly. However, most initiates do gain a basic technique (or even a handful,) when a new facet is successfully aligned.

Dangers of Overchanneling

When making use of his power, the soul sage must be wary at all times of the danger of overchanneling. Just as exercise can damage one's physical body, the soul can become damaged or warped through overuse. The sage's endurance must be built up over years and years of cautious practice, or the repercussions may be permanent.

-Those who overchannel Ko may begin to see the shades of the dead at all times, hear their whispers even when not using their abilities.
-The sage who overchannels Ahku risks losing her voice, often for days on end, and sometimes permanently.
-If a sage overchannels Sahu, he may lose his appetite, and cease to gain any nourishment from food. There are recorded cases of sages starving to death at banquet tables.
-Overchanneling Sekhem can cause poisoning in the sage's bloodstream, weakening his constitution and hobbling his strength.
-When a sage overchannels Khaibit, her mind is at risk. Amnesia, paranoia, and insanity are the most common side effects.
-Bah runs wild when overchanneled, devouring the sage's humanity and turning her into a mindless beast with a woman's skin.
-In the case of overchanneling Abu, the damage is emotional; crippling depression or overpowering apathy are recorded with some consistency.

Overchanneling Ren

On the subject of overchanneling the Ren, accident and arrogance no longer play into the discussion. The sage who has aligned their Ren must necessarily have reached a level of spiritual understanding that would prevent such misfortunes. The Master Sages and Pharaohs in the ancient records who pushed Ren beyond its limits did so with a perfect knowledge of the consequences, either for the sake of experimentation or noble sacrifice.

However, if one of the uninitiated were to somehow come into possession of some artifact that forced total alignment of the Ren artificially; say, for example, a magic ring, then there is the chance that this exceedingly foolish individual could do unimaginable damage to themselves without any true understanding of the consequences. Now of course, no such item exists, as this is an impossible speculation. This being said, if such a ring did exist, it would certainly be best if such a blasphemous object were destroyed completely.

Important note: When soul sages speak of overchanneling the Ren, what they usually mean is a sage attempting to align their Ren for use before they are sufficiently prepared. The final step on the path to becoming a God-King is perilously taken. Failure to successfully align the Ren will consign the sage to immediate destruction. Their body become ash in less than a second. It is truly a chilling sight.

Other Doctrine


Kha is not a 9th facet of the soul, but the opposite. It is the physical, the body, the appetite, and all that is not spiritual within the initiate. Natural men, the unitiated, live life guided in all things by Kha. The initiate breaks free of these chains through Abtatu, and by transcending physical strength, can become exceedingly strong.

Fall into Secularism

Since the fall of our glorious kingdom, my people have shunned the path of Abtatu, in favor of blind worship. In the old days, it was not expected that every one of the Abtati become a sage. But now? I fear I may be the only one left. The Sand Elves have been returned to prosperity by the coming of an Emperor, a chosen one. But while the one called Gerra has restored our people to military superiority and political influence, as an outsider, he has no power to restore our lost culture. He knows nothing of the old ways. This is not a failing on his part. But I fear that, under this new Empire, the path of Abtatu will be rejected by the chosen people.


Those cursed things are better forgotten. They are an unworthy legacy of my people, and were not worth the destruction of our civilization. I must atone for the sins of my father. The rings must be destroyed.


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