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Biographical information
Falwood 13 Vel Anir
Physical description
Half Elf Female 4'5" Light Brunette Green Fair
Political information
Out-of-character information


Rumer looks like a normal, if not a little skinny thirteen year old girl. She has a pretty face and large green eyes that easily betray her emotions. She is fair skinned and her arms, legs, torso and back are covered in hundreds of small scars around two inches in length, and many burn scars. Although she is half-elven, the tips of her ears were cut at birth, and the rim of her ears are scarred and blunt, a flaw as well as her scars that she is extremely self conscious of..

Skills and Abilities

Rumer has not been allowed to learn anything other than her magical abilities. She cannot read or write and has never held a weapon in her life.

Her talents lie in a form of Biokinesis learned by force, an ability to manipulate the life forces and energies of another as well as the chemical and cellular aspects of the physical body - this includes;

~The ability to manipulate the blood in order to heal wounds by knitting the flesh back together.
~ In reverse of the above - Rumer is also able to tear open old wounds and create new wounds.
~ Raising the temperature of a person's blood to the point of physically boiling them alive.
~ Flaying skin from flesh.
~ Cause and heal internal bleeding.
~ Manipulate and generate illnesses, irritations, disease and plagues. (Unknown to Rumer)

Although healing small wounds does not affect her too greatly, the act of using her abilities to harm others physically hurts Rumer and takes a great deal of energy. She is as yet only able to use the majority of her abilities whilst in a heightened state of pain , fear or anger and does not have the ability of controlling them. An outburst can be devastating and can drain her energy to the point of unconsciousness.


She is a shy and mousy child, terrified of most things as until now she has been sheltered from the world outside her own home. She has known no love or nurture, and although she has committed terrible acts, she is not innately evil. Rumer has undergone a great amount of trauma and holds a greater amount of sadness within her, she has not yet managed to convert her fear and sadness to anger though this will likely come with age.
Rumer has a fear of authority and has been kept in check by her father's cruelty since the day she was born.

Biography & Lore

Rumer’s mother was an elven mage of Falwood.. it would have been a much simpler life for the girl if she’d only survived the birth. Her father was an Anirian guardsman, injured by a beast of the Falwood forests and brought back from death by Rumer’s mother. He grew to love her as she nursed him, despite those ears, a feature he preferred her to keep hidden. He had returned to her again months later, enraged to find her with child, and elven woman succumbed to the difficult birth. The guardsman was distraught, and thought to drown the child, however as he sat with the bundle by a lake, the child had gripped hold of her father’s finger and the touch soothed him. She had been born with not only her mother’s green eyes and pointed ears, but also with her gifts of healing.

Rasmus considered that the child may be of use, that he might perhaps train her himself, to protect and heal him, though he knew if he did not keep her hidden, she would be taken by the state for training as she was one of the forsaken. He laid the day old babe down, took out his knife, and carved the tips from her ears despite the tiny screams, doing his best to disguise the child as human.

Rumer was not allowed to leave their home as she grew, she was generally neglected, malnourished and left home alone for days. From the age of three, her father started cutting Rumer’s skin with a blade, forcing her to learn to heal herself for it was the only way he could encourage her to learn her abilities quickly. Each time she finally managed to knit a wound together he would cut her again, and again, and by the age of six when she had mastered the healing of wounds he started burning her with hot iron and moulding her mind to the pain, to endure it and to redirect it.

When she was nine, there had been a specific day of training that had gotten too much for her, and during a fit of rage, each one of her scars burst open again, undone, and the child only barely made it back from near death. Thus twisted the thought in her father’s mind, that if Rumer could heal wounds, she could also reverse the healing and cause injury. And so began the next stage of her training.

Rumer was beaten until she could hurt her father back. It took weeks to inflict even the smallest scratch on her father’s face, a reopened wound that she had healed for him years prior. Her father took her out, finding those who had wronged him on the streets and directing the child’s pain toward them, forcing her to hurt people she had never known. She found that it had been the blood that she had been able to manipulate, and the ability became easier to her by her eleventh year.

Rumer was never meant to hurt people, she was meant to help them, and the event darkened her heart more than years of abuse ever had. Her father had turned her into a monster for his own benefit, and the girl had no other choice but to comply.

A few weeks after Rumer turned thirteen, her father got himself involved in a drunken brawl whereby he was beaten and fatally wounded in Anir Square, and Rumer attempted to help him by wounding the men without the use of a weapon, killing them instantly. Whilst trying to heal her father, Rumer was restrained and used her abilities to slash a guardsman's throat and so was detained, leaving her father to die in the street. She had been intended for the Dreadlords, however upon discovery of her snipped ears, Rumer was sent underground, beneath the city streets to be trained by the Forsaken.


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