Relan Shask

Relan Shask

Biographical information
Allria 28 N/A
Physical description
Half-Elf Male 6'2 Lean, cut Fair-haired Gray Pale
Political information
Self Hunter/Scout
Out-of-character information
Alan 05 January 2019


Tall, fair haired- and the unmistaken traits of a half-elf, Relan is by most accounts, considered handsome. He has two scars, prominent on his face- the result of a particularly bad fall when a tree stand he was sitting in collapsed. Relan's hair is often long and fairly unkempt, a result of his absence of company during his long treks in the wilderness. Relan often wears hunters garb, camouflaged to the area he resides or works in. He often travels in a cloak. He is perfectly passable in most areas, an everyman in most places.

Skills and Abilities

Relan is perhaps, one of the more skilled hunters in the west- he is an expert tracker and marksman with his bow. He is able to take down even the largest prey with a well-placed shot- his knowledge of anatomy allows him to get a 'kill shot' on most species of prey in the land. He also is an expert stalker and is able to camouflage and conceal himself in most environments, given enough time.

Relan is also notable for his scoutwork- he's incredibly proficient with stealth, and has made it easy to scout out larger armies. He is also known to plan routes, make maps, and provide sketchwork and intelligence- for the right price. Relan has no love for any country, royalty- only himself.


Quiet and reserved, Relan rarely speaks. When he does, the sentences are short, and thoughtful. He chooses his words, and his friends- the few that he has- very carefully. His silence is brought about by years of isolation, and a recent, devastating heartbreak.

Biography & Lore

Relan was born to an Elven father and a human mother, the latter of which meeting his father while selling her jewelry made from the bones of the prey herds of the North. Relan didn't have a particularly bad childhood- his father and mother loved him, however they were not long for the world. His father was killed by a runaway blacksmith's cart, and his mother committed suicide shortly after. Relan took to isolation during the time, finding the hunting parties that would venture beyond Alliria's walls comforting, the silence and beauty of nature giving him ample time to reflect on his life.

It was there that he met the great love of his life, a woman named Svala. Svala, like Relan, suffered great tragedy in her life- something that the two resonated with friendship and eventually, love. Relan was not against the idea of marriage, something that Svala wanted more than Relan did. They loved each other deeply and truly, but Relan and Svala wanted different things- Relan wanted someone to love him and be there for him, and Svala wanted a family.

Eventually, Relan came back to their home only to find a note and all of her possessions gone. Relan took to the road, selling his home and living out of his pack. He found ample work as a scout and hunter, leading hunting parties in small settlements and training those as he went along his way. Unsure of what he's looking for, or even what he's doing, Relan walks and travels, taking each day by day.


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