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Biographical information
The Spine
Physical description
Giant Hill Giant 4.5m Lots Red Blue Pale
Political information
Her clan Stone Shields
Out-of-character information
Diablo 3 Art.


Built like an oak tree, the hill giant is clad in a mix of furs and crude scavenged armour. A glorious mane of red hair is kept in check by rough braids. A tooth necklace wards off spirit enemies but Ragna prefers to put her main trust in her weapons.

Skills and Abilities

Ragna Smash! Ragna’s main talent is for smashing things, whether that be foes or palisade walls. Her bulk means she doesn’t have to be a particularly skillful fighter as most of her blows only have to hit once.

I could eat a horse... Ragna is possessed of a prodigious appetite, the sort that ogres, trolls, dragons, and other beasts have. Her mood fluctuates according to it. She can be almost pleasant when full.

Jotun. Ragna's kind are contemptuous of the weakness of smallfolk. She can withstand mortal wounds, survive blizzards, and run twenty miles ready to fight a battle at the end of it. Their prowess can seem godlike to lesser mortals.

Fee fi fo fum. Most right minded people generally don't wait to see if the towering giant approaching their village is friendly or not. Giants are an unwelcome sight in most civilised lands and liable to have people flee screaming or attack with spears and bows.

It's a small world after all. Ragna won't fit inside most structures. She can't make use of standard weapons or armour since it's designed for smallfolk. She either has to improvise or have items custom made.


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Biography & Lore

Ragna hails from the foothills of the Spine. Her clan ranges along its northern reaches, living a semi-nomadic existence. They are named the Stone Shields after their great hero, Hrolf Foehammer. He used a boulder to shield himself from his enemy's attacks before cheerfully smashing his skull open with it. The tribe mostly forages and hunts though they have their territory and favoured spots.

The clan is ruled by the powerful whether this be through cunning or strength. The Stone Shields current chieftain is a cunning old graybeard who has removed potential challengers from the young of the tribe by encouraging them to travel and serve as mercenaries. The lord of Molthal is generous to his more barbaric kin and is always eager for more of them to serve in his ranks.

Like most in her tribe, Ragna can speak Common to some extent and has had dealings with smallfolk. Most merchants find it easier to pay the toll than attempt to barge through Stone Shield territory.

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