Biographical information
Alliria 115 (Appears to be in his mid 20s) Abracapothecary
in Inner Alliria
Physical description
Elf Male 6'4 Thin/Slender Brown Hazel Light
Political information
Runs Abracapothecary, Alchemist, Explorer,
Aspiring treasure hunter
Out-of-character information
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Quoril is a 84-year-old male elf with messy brown hair and hazel eyes.

He is most commonly seen wearing a brown cloak with the hood pulled up over his head, a short-sleeved shirt, dark blue pants, and a pair of normal leather boots. He also wears a pair of fingerless gloves. The small gold ring Quoril wears in his right ear has a charm on it that increases his hearing. This is useful for eavesdropping and gathering information in cities and taverns on the location of rare alchemical ingredients. It also helps him hear what's going on around him while he's out gathering in the wild so he doesn't get surprised by anything sneaking up.

Quoril always carries a large beige canvas backpack with him that contains a homemade traveler's brewing kit, miscellaneous ingredients, and usually a couple of magic tomes to study. He also keeps a mix of defensive capsules (smoke bombs, knockout gas, stink bombs, etc) in a small pouch on the side of his backpack in case he needs to make a quick getaway.

Skills and Abilities

-Alchemy: brewing various potions/elixirs. Vast knowledge of most (if not all) known alchemic ingredients and their uses

-Basic elemental magic. After many years of practice, he learned how to use the magical energy inside himself to bend the elements to his will. This comes at a price though- if used too frequently or for too long Quoril will be left physically exhausted.

-Can identify many different types of magic learned from many years of studying though he can't use most of them himself.

-Though they are not his preferred method of fighting, he does know how to use a sword and bow.


Quoril is a quiet, somewhat reserved individual -that is unless the conversation involves talking about magic. As an avid student of the magical arts, he is very quick to strike up a conversation with any other magic user he might come across. Quoril loves magic no matter the form and strives to learn all he can.

The people who know Quoril say that he is a kind and caring person. He has been known to use his alchemical skills to help those less fortunate than himself without asking for anything in return.

Though he would never openly admit it Quoril is also a bit impulsive. This causes him to do many things ranging from spontaneous adventures to not thinking about how his actions might affect those around him. This often times leads to him getting himself into sticky situations. Luckily, he can almost always get out of any danger he's in.

He can be shy around women. Spending most of his life studying books and brewing potions had left the elf little time to socialize with women or to seek love. This causes him to be a little shy and to have some trouble speaking to people of the opposite gender unless he had known them for a long time.

Biography & Lore

Quoril was born in Alliria to an Alchemist mother and a father who ran a library full of magical tomes. Going out every day with his mother growing up to look for and gather alchemical ingredients gave him a very deep appreciation for nature. Exploring every nook and cranny of the lands surrounding Alliria made him want to see what else was out there. Spending time with his father studying the old dusty tomes caused him to crave any and all forms of arcane knowledge. Between his father and the books, Quoril also learned a lot of elemental magic over the years.

As soon as Quoril was old enough, he started helping his mother in her shop Abracapothecary learning how to mix useful brews. He also experimented on his own creating many new things -some good and some... Well, let's just say they were more helpful when it came to playing tricks and causing general chaos.

When his parents grew older his mother decided to retire while his father continued to work in his library. He was given Abracapothecary on the day of his 80th birthday, and works there on and off and often closes it to wander the world. On his travels, Quoril learned many new things. He learned a lot of new ways to use the ingredients he had gathered and different ways to combine his elemental skills. He also spent a lot of time helping those who need it however he could.

Although Quoril spends most of his time wandering the world, he will occasionally return to his shop for a while.


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