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Oozes, otherwise known as slimes, jellies, deadly puddings, or blobs, are a type of monster commonly found through Arethil. There are many types of oozes that range in abilities and severity of danger. Their traits normally depend on the environment. Oozes mostly live underground and have an acid that covers their skin that can dissolve a range of materials – including flesh.


Oozes range in size. They can be as small as a pebble to as large as buildings. The most common size is that of a small house cat. Massive oozes are very rare. They are slightly less dense than water and their masses are always proportional to their size.

An ooze’s physical strength greatly depends on their size. The larger the ooze, the stronger they are physically.

The strength of an ooze’s acid varies greatly depending on the type of ooze they are. Common oozes have the weakest acid that will slowly digest flesh that the ooze manages to engulf. Some oozes have a stronger acid that will cause chemical burns with short exposure. Very rarely, an ooze will have a very corrosive acid that can cause a fatality with just a brief touch. Strong acids can also corrode non-organic material – such as metal and stone.

Oozes are amorphous and able to change and squeeze into a variety of shapes. This also allows them to dull blunt damage. They move as a “pseudopod” – creating small “legs” and morphing their shape to go where they wish. Some oozes attempt to ambush prey by appearing as a pool of strange liquid.

Oozes are able to separate and combine. Recently separated or cut pieces of oozes will attempt to reattach as soon as possible. Pieces that remain separate long enough may develop their own intelligence or objectives.

Oozes are blind and are unable to react to changes in light. However, it is assumed that they are able to sense vibrations in the ground and air and locate targets in this manner.

The traits of an ooze are heavily dependent on their environment. Normal oozes may be found in grasslands. However in harsh swamps, highly acidic oozes may lurk in the water.

The intelligence of oozes is usually very low. Common oozes simply react to the most immediate stimulus – very similar to a bug. Some oozes display the ability to retain information as if they have a memory. Very rarely, oozes may develop intelligence similar to that of the mortal Races. The intelligence of an ooze is not related to their size.

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