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Elbion 16 Vel'Anir
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Human Female 5'4" Very Thin White Pale Grey Fair
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"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."
- Theodore Roosevelt​


Sickly pale and terribly frail.

Skills and Abilities

Nyx is what would be described as a starcaller. She focuses her life studying the stars and in return is able to manifest their energy and bend the cosmos around her. This allows her to not only manipulate physics, but also call upon the stars to aid in tracking targets or sending down small but very deadly projectiles.


People call her lethargic, lazy, and boring. But most people have only had the pleasure of meeting her during the day when she prefers to be sleeping, for she spends her nights studying the cosmos. Even though she is more lively during the night, she uses the time to focus her energy on refining her own power and will get quite snippy if disturbed while doing so. Maybe that's the reason she doesn't make friends. Generally, she presents herself as an overly polite young woman who tends to shy away from any confrontation, if possible. Preferring a more passive role, she will rarely go out of her way to harm anyone else unless completely necessary.

Biography & Lore

It was only an accident! It wasn't even a big deal. No one even died.

No one important even died!

No one important that she knew died!!!

Not that she really knew anyone because she was only a child...but that's neither here nor there, so why was she forcibly taken from her family because of one small meteor?

Fun Fact:
She keeps her body covered at all times to cover up the the living tattoo constellation map of Arethil she has been carving into her skin.


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