Nycto, "Nyct"

Nycto, "Nyct"

Biographical information
Alliria Physical age: 26, Chronological age: ??? N/A
Physical description
Human/Part Shadowkin Male 5' 11" 20 lbs Silvery white Left Eye white, right eye black. (Rarely ever seen) Pitch Black, made from shadows (Rarely ever seen)
Political information
Wanderer, Mercenary, etc.
Out-of-character information
Red (or Jexlt Warren) March 3, 2021, at 11:57 A.M.

Grew up a normal Human in Alliria, but at the age of 15, kidnapped and experimented on by Shadowmancers. The experiments were dark and gruesome, often resulting in immense pain for Nycto. The result was becoming part Shadowkin, and being infused with terrible powers. Now he roams the world, helping others from their agony so that no one would have to endure anything even remotely close to what he feels.


Not much can be said about Nycto's, sometimes called Nyct's, appearance. He's around 5' 11". He has dense, messy, silver hair, though he sometimes wears a hood. He is pretty lanky and skinny. He usually wears all black clothes, with gloves and boots, and occasionally a hood. His clothes completely cover his body, leaving very little seen. He almost always wears a mask on his face, though it is uncertain if it is a mask or his actual face. There are rumors of him taking off the mask to show people his face, but these claims have never been confirmed by Nycto. So far, either no one or very little people have seen his face. Sometimes his eyes can be seen glowing dimly from beneath the mask, but this usual dissipates quickly and they disappear from sight again.

Skills and Abilities

-natural adept at the Shadon Language
-can survive without a Shadowmancer
-an excellent spy
-skilled in stealth
-proficient in combat
-shadow slip
-Shadow calling
-Shadow Shield
-can occasionally alter his form
-can sometimes go incorporeal
-can occasionally use other magics
-can see in pitch-black darkness
-can cook pretty well despite having never been seen eating


Nycto's personality is usually amiable. He is very friendly, and is even seen helping others. He is often considered curious, playful, occasionally stubborn, and energetic. He has a lot of empathy, being able to understand suffering people go through. Being part-Shadowkin, he has to concentrate on not lying, as it is his nature as part-Shadowkin to lie and deceit, requiring him to truly think of what he wants to say, lest he accidentally revert to Shadowkin nature and lie. Despite being seen as friendly and amiable, deep down, he is tortured. His mind is a broken, shattered landscape, his thoughts fragmented. He is almost constantly in extreme pain, every day is torment to him. He tries to keep his tormented side hidden away, but it can rarely show. He has an aversion to light and fire, as it wounds him since he is part-Shadowkin, but he doesn't flee in terror from it as most Shadowkin do.

Biography & Lore

Born in Alliria, Nycto doesn't remember much of his past, or even what his name had been before the experiments. Only fragmented bits of pieces of it. The only vivid thing he remembers is the kidnapping when he was 15, and the horrific experiments conducted upon him by various mages, mostly Shadowmancers, but with a few other assorted people skilled in various magic. The experiments were gruesome and horrendous, leaving Nycto mentally scared, and in extreme physical pain. Often times, he completely lost his mind from the sheer force of the agony. This only furthered his trauma as he flew deeper into madness.

One day, the mages decided to try something new. This new experiment was the worst of what Nycto had experienced yet, and he had experienced a lot of agony. Nycto had nearly died from the sheer torture of the pain. He was raving mad, foaming from the mouth and screaming gibberish.

Then, it stopped. Nycto, at that point, was barely conscious of what was happening. He knew that something had happened, that something was different inside of him. He felt his restrains lift, and the mages sat him up. His head starting clearing, and his conscious started returning, but something was off. His thoughts were... disjointed, jumbled, confused. He felt constant agony and pain, the pain never once wavering. His senses were different, too. Everything was slightly darker, but his vision seemed clearer and could see minuet details further away, and he could hear the slightest noise from further away.

The Shadowmancer then tried to exert their will over Nycto, all while explaining to him what he was. They didn't give him a clear answer, somehow he could tell that they were lying. But he understood their meaning.

He was a freak.

A monster.

He could feel them trying to worm their way inside his head to exert control, but Nycto was too intelligent, too strong for even them. Nycto attacked, jumping them. Nycto felt stronger, faster, and knew what to do, as if he had been training his whole life.

Despite their efforts, the Shadowmancers laid dead. Nycto went to walk out of of the experimentation room. But before he did, he stopped in front of a mirror. He looked completely different. His hair was silvery white, his eye color was completely different, and his skin was not just pure black, but seemed to be completely made from pure darkness. His skin didn't even look physical, it looked as if he was truly made from the darkness.

He no longer recognized himself.

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