Biographical information
Malakath - Petakauata 19 Flotilla - Petakauata
Physical description
Straline Male 1 meter - 3ft 20.4kg - 45lbs Cream with Grey Markings Green Pink
Political information
Fisher - Hunter
Out-of-character information
Hollic 3-5-21 Source

Your typical Straline. Average in most every regard as most able bodied Straline have a rigorous lifestyle in terms of fishing daily and manning the rigging of their boats.


Average for Stralines with a physical lifestyle. Defined muscle given the fishing and navigator lifestyle that the flotilla maintains. Only remarkable feature for a Straline is the scar that is across his left eye from a fishing accident. Marked out from his peers for his flamboyant head cloth which he found from the previous expedition to the continent.

Skills and Abilities

- Keen sense - Most every Straline is highly attuned to their surroundings.
- Sneaky Hunter - Allowed to traverse both land and sea, Nyaro learned the skills the land based Straline's have.
- Speech - One of few Straline's that were interested in the strange language the Long Whisker had struggled to learn.


Pragmatic, as is customary for his species.

Biography & Lore

Born and raised in Petakauata, Nyaro has both the sea faring and land striding skills typically reserved for the separate areas. Loving family, and not yet with a mate himself.


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