Dr. Nevar

Biographical information
Amol-Kalit 32 Elbion
Physical description
Human Male 6'3" 190lb blonde blue pale
Political information
College of Elbion Doctor
Out-of-character information
TTamark Jan 9, 2019


Nevar is a tall man, he wears holy robes of Maskat to show he is a cleric of her's. He has blue eyes and blonde hair, and a small beard. He also wears a small pair of glasses.

Skills and Abilities

He is a cleric of Maskat's so he can channel her holy energy to heal, and help others.
He also can become Mr. Raven


Nevar is a friendly and helpful man, though is also quite shy. He also sometimes becomes Mr. Raven

Biography & Lore

He was born a slave to worshipers of Tabin-Ur. He was constantly beaten and abused growing up, this caused him to eventually have a split in his personality. As the years went by each grew to become their own entity and reacted to the slavery differently. The one known as Nevar devoted it's self to Maskat so that he could help others, believing the world needed to be saved. The personality known as Raven devoted it's self to Hissut to gain power for revenge, believing he world needed to be punished.


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