Biographical information
Oban 23 Elbion
Physical description
Half Elf Female 5'4" Slender Brunette Dark Brown Bronze
Political information
Drug Mule
Out-of-character information

A young mage who is learning to survive after life took a drastic and unfortunate turn.


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Skills and Abilities

Neith has the ability to sense magic. She can see, hear, touch and smell it as though it were a tangible substance or a field of energy. This has made her particularly useful to the people that she works for, and so she is used to track down mages to aid them in handling their business.

She is also able to both give and take magic, similar to a leech in that she can physically absorb another person's magical energies and store them like a vessel.

Neith has a familiar in the form of a large black raven named Rok who aids her in her hunts and carries messages.


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Biography & Lore

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