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At ChroniclesRP we love and share in the creation of new fantastic stories and locations. However, to keep our Wiki organized and to keep from being overrun we ask that before you submit a new piece of General Lore you first establish several roleplays around it. This will not only help flesh out your creation, but will also allow people a better view into the small piece of your story you are creating.

You can add a summary of your Magical Item in a paragraph here.
  • Name: (What is your item named? Even small trinkets are called something.)
  • Type: (What exactly is your item? Is it an amulet? A Sword? A bracer? Tell us here)
  • Size: (Relative to the type, how big is your item? Can it be easily noticed and seen? If so then it’s probably big!)


(When it comes to magical items it’s important to make sure you know what you’re trying to make. It’s also important to convey that to anyone that you’ll be roleplaying with. In this section you should do your best to describe and show what your item actually looks like.

Not every magical item will be utterly unique and stand out, but it’s still important for you to explain what sets your item apart. If what you’re creating is ‘standard’ then simply describe that it looks like many others of its kind. Of course for items that are more unique you should provide as much detail as possible so that people can effectively roleplay when the item is involved.)


(The whole basis of a magic item is that it is in fact...magic, this means that invariably your item will do something. It is important to note that even magical items follow the Magic Rules established here on ChroniclesRP. Everything has a cost when it comes to magic, and the creation or even use of magical trinkets are in no way different.

In theory a magical item can be created to do almost anything. Start small fires, disguise oneself, and even enhance magical ability. Of course each of these effects have a negative cost. Starting small fires might chip away at the item itself. Disguising oneself could cost the user their memories. Lastly, enhancing magical ability might make the ‘cost’ of those abilities much worse, meaning the magic will be stronger, but the price you pay will be higher.

When creating Magic Items you should remember the price of creation and use. It is important to strive for balance when it comes to these creations. Similarly, one should also remember that carrying too many magical items can be costly. With each having a price the more you carry the more likely it being you’ll have to pay one of those prices.

Magic has a toll in our universe, and that toll will inevitably have to be paid. Remember this when crafting new items for your characters.)


(The background section of your item is important because it will detail the creation and use of the item itself.

In this section you should strive to convey just how the item came into being, who made it, and of course why. The item should be further described and the intent should be outlined here. You should include how it will be utilized and why as well. This information can and will be utilized in roleplays. It is important to get across just why your item was created in the first place.

Magical items have a cost on ChroniclesRP, and most of them weren’t simply willed into being on a whim. In order for something to exist, someone needs to have created it. Explain that here, and explain how your character got it if they were not the ones who created the item in the first place.

This section is more of an Out of Character blurb than anything else. It details what we the readers should know about your Item in order to properly roleplay with them. It will give us a better picture of what we can expect and just how to use them in a narrative.)


(The Lore Section of this Template is perhaps one of the most important. Here you should detail what is known of your Item within the wide ranging world of Chronicles RP.

This section can be both short and long, it can be written in the style of a journal, history book, or just in a standard way. It is however important to fully convey just how your Item is viewed by others and how much is known by folk at large. This will aid other writers in actually interacting with your Item and further aid them in including your creation in the narrative. Of course your item does not have to be widely known.

One can also utilize this section to establish unique and interesting story aspects of your Item, giving you an opportunity to create history from the point of view of your character. Remember that this history is from the point of view of your character, and not necessarily the truth of the world.)


In this section you should list the references of IC roleplay to your Magic Item. As stated at the beginning of the guide, we ask you to RP out your creation before submitting the article itself.
  1. ^You can also add footnotes through the article that will automatically appear in the references section with a link









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