Lynus Anireth

Lynus Anireth

Biographical information
Vel Anir 32 Vel Anir
Physical description
Human Male 6'2" Sturdy Fair Blue Fair
Political information
Prince of Vel Anir
Out-of-character information

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Lynus has a solidness to him, like a flood could wash around him without uprooting his feet. He's tall and broad with a well-honed physique from endless hours of swordplay. He's fair in complexion, his dirty-blonde hair usually swept back and he is never clean-shaven. His clothes are as would be expected of a Prince of Vel-Anir. He favours dark colours and his garments are well tailored, pristine and his armour well polished.

Skills and Abilities

Though he has no magical abilities, Lynus has been trained physically and in the arts of combat from a young age. He has always had a particular affinity for swordplay and has entered and won many tournaments with his talents. His other interests lay in the building things and he is skilled in carpentry.


The oldest Prince of Vel'Anir was once as carefree as his siblings, though as he's grown older life has thrown emotional blow after emotional blow at him and as such he has been worn down into the bitter and solemn man he is today. He does his best to compose himself in a manner befitting of royalty and he has been well schooled in diplomacy and etiquette, however he has ventured into the world outside of the Anirian keep less and less over the last few years and would far rather be left alone than be forced to make conversation.

Lynus is tired, and even when he smiles - which is rare - he carries a deep pain in his eyes that he cannot do anything to hide. At his core, he is a kind soul, and he favours the less fortunate to the gentry and nobility with whom he is forced to spend his time.

Biography & Lore

Born the first of three siblings to the King and Queen of Vel'Anir, Lynus' life has been mapped out for him since birth. Life was as expected for a young prince, though Lynus often daydreamed of another life despite wanting for nothing. He has always felt trapped and bound by his lineage and titles but has had no choice but to accept the path before him.

Lynus was never granted the same leniency as his younger siblings, but he loved them greatly and cherished the responsibility that came with being the oldest sibling. The day that both his younger sister and brother were sent away was the first time Lynus ever ran away from home along his best friend Arryn, one of the kitchen boys.

The pair never made it far, and found themselves in the home of Lord Virak. It was there the pair met Erich Virak, and the three would forge a strong bond over the years to come. Years passed, and the news came that Erich and his brother had been killed, and once more Lynus suffered the loss of his best friend. Never-the-less, Lynus had no choice but to continue with his duties to the Kingdom and he was soon married and expecting a child and in his happiness, his fractured heart healed over.

Sadly, the birth of Lynus' son resulted in complications that neither mother or child were able to survive, and the Prince's world shattered. He spiralled to the bottom of every bottle he could lay his hands on in search of anything to benumb his pain, and several attempts to end his own life were intercepted by his best friend and personal guard, Arryn.

A year has passed, and Lynus remains a broken shadow of his former self, struggling to overcome his addiction to alcohol and to accept any light into his life, knowing how quickly such things could be torn from him. In effort to aid in the Prince's healing, the King and Queen sought to find a suitable match for Lynus and have arranged for him to marry the Lady Amelia of house Pirian. Neither of the betrothed couple were given any choice, and Lynus reluctantly agreed to the marriage with an added agreement that he aid in Amelia fleeing Vel'Anir after the wedding.

Will she go? Will Lynus drink himself into an early grave? Will he ever see his siblings again!?

Lets. Find. Out!!


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