Lucius the Unlucky

Biographical information
Elbion Eighteen Years of Age Where ever his feet lead him
Physical description
Half Elf Male Tall Thin Black Azure Blue Fair
Political information
Former student of the College of Elbion Wanderer Magic Lady Eneer Luc
Out-of-character information
Huckebein Artwork found on Pintrist


Luc is of a lean build which is a common trait of his Elvish heritage. His complexion is fair and features sharp. His is dark and at times may look unkept. There is a particular wildness to it that frames his face perfectly. His eyes are that of rich blue, azure to be exact, and carry a deepness that betray his youth. Like many of his face, he does have pointed ears. He seems to favor his Elven background, though he is not enitrely with human features, mostly the bulbiness to his nose or the shape of his jaw. Noticeably, he has the top of both his ears pierced with gold loops.

Most comfortable in the clothing donned by the Elbion Battle Mages, it is rare to see Luc wearing anything other then these pieces of magical clothing. More so a hooded tunic then a traditional mage's robes, Luc is accustomed to wearing clothing of either green or blue coloring. The clothing itself is woven with Elbion clothe, providing both comfort and warmth despite it's light appearance. The clothing also breaths, allowing him comfort in warmer weather.

Skills and Abilities

At a young age, Luc showed a tremendous aptitude for elemental magic and under the guiding hand of Lady Eneer, an accomplished mage who taught at the college, his magical prowess were honed. Though Luc has a strong understanding for the various elements and the principles that go behind casting elemental spells, he does not have a command on all the elements. Currently, his strength lies in spells relating to Wind and Water Magic though he strives to strengthen his core understanding and use of other elements.

Thanks to his Elven ties, he is also nimble and swift of foot. Thanks to his knack for getting into trouble and Lady Eneer understanding that a mage should not rely solely on magic, he is also fairly adequate in fighting and defending himself. Though he is not familiar with the use of weapons, he is quite comfortable using his hands and feet. For a time, Lady Eneer employed a well known fighter to train Luc in using his body as she felt this would give him an edge when he enrolled into the college.

Luc is by no means a master of magic or fighting however and will admit he still has more to learn.


Arrogant is a word often used by his peers to first describe him as he is not shy about his confidence in his own abilities. Luc is someone who is aware of his limitations and what is needed to overcome his short comings. If he is sure he can complete a task, he will let those who posed the task know. Luc has grown accustom to being treated as an outcast and looked down upon so he cares little for peoples opinions and thoughts. Secretly however, he does yearn to see his skill recognized in some fashion as it serves as proof of his hard work.

It's because of this, he may come off cold or sharp at times though he is not trying to act in such a manner, it is just second nature to him at this point. Though he doesn't smile much, he does has a dry sense of humor that those closest to him are privy to discovering.

Biography & Lore

Despite it's greatness, Elbion is not with out it's hardships, and as such not immune to the tragedies of every day life. Luc has no knowledge of his parents aside that his father was a man and his mother, an Elf. From infancy he was raised in an orphanage with no hope for adoption other then possibility becoming a servant for a wealthy noble when he reached an adequate age. Because of his mixed heritage and mostly Elven appearance, Luc was no stranger to racism and bigotry of those around him, especially being that Elbion is a mostly human city. This constant mistreatment earned him the name, Luc the unlucky.

Because of this, Luc was constantly involved in fights. It was one such incident, a young Luc would show his potential for elemental magic and gained the attention of Lady Eneer. A well known instructor in the college, she often toured orphanages in the off change she would find someone of talent. In Luc she found a potential student she could mold at a young age and unlike most people, she cared little for race. Though unable to adopt him, Lady Eneer did sponsor Luc and he became her ward.

For the first time in his life, Luc connected with someone who saw past his appearance and provided a promise for a life greater then that of a servant. Luv devoted himself entirely to his Lady and his studies. Lady Eneer kept no secret from Luc and shared with him her goals and dreams. She would use Luc to further her ambitions, and with their success, together they would rise.

Though Lady Eneer cared little for race the same could not be said for the others with in the college. It was one thing for an elf to study there but it was another for a poor orphaned elf of no ties to nobility or riches to tempt fate. With Lady Eneer's backing, Luc was accepted but just barely and faced ridicule, resentment, and constant mistreatment. Luc endured everything for his Lady's sake as he shoulder the burden of being called racial slurs and bullying however the young half elf was not entirely invulnerable. If he had a weakness, it was his devotion to his Lady.

A well crafted plan from her academic rivals would paint Luc as a thief who had been stealing valuable magical artifacts for Lady Eneer's personal collection. Accused of this, Luc knew he had a limited time to act. With her career and life's work at risk, Luc did the only thing he could do to prove his Lady's innocence. He stole from her. Marking her as a victim as well, he erased any suspicion from her and took the blame solely upon himself. Though it pained him to betray the trust she had placed on him, Luc knew in painting himself as the only villain, he guaranteed she would continue on.

Labeled a criminal, Luc is for the first time living for himself experiencing the world as he is putting as much distance between himself and Elbion as possible.


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