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The Landvættir, or Land Wights, are one of many myths and legends among the northwestern region of the Eretejva Tundra. It is one of many oral folktales that dominates the smattering of isolated villages. Their origin is hard to distinguish, but it is in agreement that the Landvættir are Land Wights who oversee the protection and prosperity of the land.

Some claim that these Land Wights are creatures. Others state they are nothing but changelings. Whatever it might be, there is a certain amount of reverence as well as wariness when it comes to dealing with the Landvættir. There are tales of a distant age where the very blessings that they provide could very well result in a curse. How that came about is anyone's guess, but one should always be cautious if summoning them.



When the First Men came to Eretejva, they brought with them their gods and their understanding of the world. As such, when they chanced upon the ancient creatures, they gave them a name they knew. The old ones call them the Landvættir, the Land Wights of Eretejva, the Spirits of the land.

It is said that the weal of the land and those who dwell within it depends on the might and the happiness of the land-wights; if they are frightened or angered, the land will not thrive and the humans who live upon it will fare ill in all things. They control the safety and fertility of Eretejva, offering blessings of prosperity. Blessings, that could very well become a curse.

Thus the friendship of a land wight is a useful thing to have; it brought prosperity and luck, even those which would seem to fall outside of these wight's normal realms of nature and fruitfulness of the earth. It is said that they could even whisper murmurs of what is to come and the best time to take action.

For Eretejva, the Landvættir are the Mountain Giant of the North, the Griffen of the East, the Bear of the South, and the Dragon of the West.[2]


It is said that to meet with the Landvættir, that one must find a boulder or go to a waterfall or the peak of a hill. There they must take some food and drink; hallow it to them, partaking in the meal and leaving some; then tell the Landvættir who you are and what you want.

Extreme caution is advised, remember that politeness is the most important thing in dealing with such wights; they are not like the demons of ceremonial magic and ritual, who can (and must!) be dominated and harshly commanded in specific detail, but rather the Landvættir are free beings who have no reason to wish you ill – or even to deny their help to you – unless you manage to personally offend them…As the Lord of the First Men at the village of Vesturfjord did.

~An excerpt on the scroll of The Landvættirs of the Eretejva Tundra.

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