Lagakh Morgkhul

Lagakh Morkghal

Biographical information
North of the Spine, Southwest of Molthal 38 years ago Nomadic
Physical description
Orc Hybrid Female Short for an Orc Dense, Athletic Dark Brown Coal Pale Brown
Political information
Ashlanders Battle Mage Shadowreaver Laga
Out-of-character information
Pantomime Bayard Wu, Artstation

Laga is smaller than the average Orc in height, but has the build and density that defines her race. While she is half Elven, very little of her physical appearance (beyond her face), shows that. Covered in muscle, she has the appearance of someone who actively wages war or hunts on a regular bases.

With skin of pale brown, hair and eyes of black, her body is covered in the dimpled affects of scarification. To the untrained eye, these are merely signs of rank or culture among her people. However, to those who can sense magic, it is obvious that these markings are permanent runes that she uses to bolster her strength and speed.

Typically wearing dark furs and linens, she carries bludgeoning weapons often made of bone and hand carved with similar runes.

Skills and Abilities
-She has a strong sense of survival, giving her the ability to survive in most circumstances on her own. While not having the frigid heartiness that the people of Eretevja were infamous, Laga is robust enough to manage through hot or cold weather (though she clearly favors the breeze of a coast).

-She practices a nearly obsolete form of Runic Magic, tailored to Divination through Nykios. While she would never claim to hold the voice of the God, she has a special communion with him that grants her defensive and strengthening abilities. Of course, this comes at the cost of sapping energy, destroying wildlife around her, and risking corruption if taken too far. Additionally, she is quite capable of working rune magic with the world around her, drawing offhand symbols in order to affect other forms of invocation.

-She is quite capable in a fight, often favoring blunted weapons like clubs and cudgels. Conversely, she is absolutely worthless with arrow based weapons and only mediocre when it comes to spears and throwing knives.

-She can't cook a meal beyond what is needed for consumption. It's quite sad, really.

Laga is headstrong to a fault. Believing her cause is just and appropriate, she is not easily dissuaded from the path she has chosen. Being born smaller than her fellow clansmen, she feels she has something to prove. Whether that is with those who know her or those who don't, it doesn't seem to matter. Not one to back down from a challenge, despite whatever her abilities may be, she is quite capable of hurting herself in the process so long as her goals are attained.

And despite all of that, despite her reckless abandon, she can be very caring and thoughtful of others. She is quick to take up other's missions, as if it were her own, because she understands that enemies come in all forms. Not just Blight Orcs and their countless industries. And while she is a true traditionalist regarding the use of magic, she is always looking for means of innovation. She believes that only with growth, can her obstacles be overcome.

That being said, she is prone to tantrums, is not nearly as mature as she thinks, and is quite vulnerable to indulging in the finer things of life. Perhaps this is a reflection of her simple upbringing, but appreciating life where she can feels as in tune with Nykios' teachings as anything else. Or perhaps she just uses that logic to justify her vices.

Laga was born in the twilight between the Northern Reach of the Spine and the industrial decay of the Blightlands. Her existence was formed in the face of utter violation as her clan was ransacked, her mother taken by a small company of capable slaves. Elves, dwarves, and humans, all escaping the metallic confines of Molthal. Having not the eye or energy to tell one group of orcs from the other, they took this clan in the middle of the night after a celebration of the eclipse. Mistaking them for Blight Orcs.

Very few died and within a weeks passing, Urzoth had returned. Hands bloodied, men lying in her wake, and belly soon to be swollen with child. Urzoth had considered the deed of removing the child from her presence, killing the life before it had the chance to blossom within her. Perhaps it was fate, perhaps it was love, that stayed her own hand.

Despite her obvious mixed race, Laga was born and raised properly in the tribe. She was taught the old ways of the Orc Shamans, given the opportunity to study in the styles of the nearly obsolete runic magics. Pulling from the powers of Celestial beings and the planet itself, Laga learned quickly what potency was held within the power of the Pantheon. Nykios was who they paid most homage to, counting themselves as adversities to the growing uprising of metal and barren land that spread from the East.

It wasn't until later in her life that Laga would truly appreciate the power of temptation and war. Unbeknownst to her, right beneath the nose of the Elder Shamans, her mother had found means of communion with Therg, one of the known members of the adversaries to the Pantheon. It was when the Blight Orcs descended from their plateau, striking at the small village, that Urzoth defended all who lived there. With Dark Magic.

For the clan, there was no crime greater than this act. It was better to die, or worse, than fall victim to the guile of those who defied Astra and Nykios. Despite her good intentions, Urzoth was put to death via starvation on a lone spire against the North Spine. And Laga celebrated the act because, in her heart, she knew that tapping the well of Dark Magic meant utter condemnation for her mother. Through suffering, her soul was redeemed before the Celestials.

With her mother gone, who was considered the strongest among them, Laga took up the mantle of Battle-Mage as a leader among her small tribe. Fortifying her body with complex runes of scarification, she learned to harness this power. To strengthen and overcome her meager size, she took to melee combat with a certain enthusiasm. There was no time to lose, the Blight Orcs demanded their consideration. In her mind, she envisioned that she might be the one to wrought such eradication.

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