Kyril Va'den

Kyril Va'den

Biographical information
Elbion 26 Alven
Physical description
Human Male 1.84m Very Lean Shaggy Blonde Blue Whie
Political information
Court Mage
Out-of-character information
Kasim Areth 23/2/21 LorenDesore

Kyril was born the first and only son of Maestar Thomas Va'Den, a high ranking and much renown Professor of the College of Elbion.

Considered something of a prodigy from a young age, Kyril studied under the tutelage of his father from the moment that he showed any sign of magical gift. He was a quick study, and even from childhood he managed to perfect some crafts that took others years to learn and understand.

As he got older and entered his teenage years, this characteristic only became more true. Through the use of College Magics and study within the Great Halls of Elbion Kyril created small off-branches of the typical spells utilized by Students at the College. It was these that truly thrust him into the spotlight.

Fame, at least relative to his community, came with pressure.

Though his inventions brought him both acclaim and renown there was a constant press for more and more.

His father, professors, and even his peers constantly expected him to always take that next step, create something new. He was hounded and dogged for more and more, something he simply found himself incapable of. To face the pressure, Kyril turned towards a shortcut; Lyrum.

Lyrum was a substance created long ago, entirely worthless to normal folk but incredibly addictive and dangerous to mages. Through the use of Lyrum one could stimulate magics that coursed through their veins, effecting most mages differently but with a resounding result nonetheless. For it's side-effects, Lyrum is considered highly illegal in Elbion and most major cities.

For Kyril the Lyrum created a clarity. His magic was easier to use, more powerful, and ideas flowed freely from his mind.

The use of the drug allowed him to push through the pressure, and for months the young mage turned into a power house of Magic. He created half a dozen magical artifacts, crafted spells, and even discovered a new means of casting out his own abilities.

This height however was not to last, and soon the after-effects of Lyrum set into him. After months of daily use, Kyril discovered that his magic no longer worked without the drug.

Desperation set in, and a cycle began.

Always he would have to seek out more Lyrum, always he would have to take the drug. His addiction became his life. He sized up massive debts, grew gaunt and pale, and though his studies continued it was obvious to most that something was going on.

Eventually, the pressure of his debts became too much. A local carte approached not him, but his father.

They threatened him, saying they would go public with his son's use if they were not paid. Maestar Thomas Va'Den, always the upstanding citizen instead took the knowledge and brought it before Elbion's highest court.

An arrest warrant was issued for Kyril, his only warning coming from an old friend within the College.

Using his magics, and almost half of his remaining Lyrum Kyril managed to escape the guards that were coming for him. His run through Elbion caught the attention of most folk, and became something of a story told by the commoners in the City.

Through the last of his coin Kyril managed to buy his way onto a ship, the vessel sailing away just as the College involved itself in their wayward student.

Over the course of a month, Kyril made his way to the city of Alven. Here, in the city of sun and marble he managed to talk his way into the good graces of a Duke. Still having enough Lyrum to last for some time, the young mage used his impressive skills and the studies of his lifetime to earn himself a small stipend and home.

Here Kyril now finds himself, supply of Lyrum slowly beginning to dwindle.

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