Korhbin Wolfgang

Korhbin Wolfgang Andreas Von Falkenberg of Teutonia

Biographical information
Physical description
Dark Golden Chestnut-Brown. Wavy.
Political information
The Clock
Out-of-character information


Muscular and well toned Korhbin is what you would expect for someone in his position. He wears mostly leather armor with some feathers added to it as well as some light chainmail underneath it. Mostly autumn colors and some gold accents as well as silver Korhbin is a dazzling fellow with some facial hair and a nice face.
Without his shirt on he is pretty muscular as well as has five long gash mark scars on his chest that are jagged and deep. The skin around them is somewhat paler/darker than the inside suggesting a previous infection of some sort.

Skills and Abilities

Korhbin is not much of a magic user but he knows a few tricks to make life a little bit easier! Simple fire magic such as lighting a bonfire and moving objects around, that sort of stuff. Though he does study it a lot and can pull off pretty powerful magic. He is not one to reveal it though and keeps it trivial (mostly darker magics like black fire)

Blades - Knives, swords and other blades are his forte. He uses them more often as he was forced to train with them ever since he could pick up a sword.

Stealth and Camo

Speed - His greatest attribute. Makes it easier for him to close the playing field down and even the odds.


Charming, suave, sophisticated, shy and timid, bight let his tempter break and let his actions speak louder then his words

Biography & Lore

Despite the pressures of being former royalty, Korhbin is friendly, approachable, generous, affectionate, loving, romantic and playful. He enjoys many athletic and loves making new friends.

The Undercover Prince

Everybody dreams of being royalty. Everybody fantasizes about it. Everyone wants to be 'treated like royalty'.

But would you, really? Would you? Really?

Imagine having every single day of your life documented from the second of your birth. Imagine having to explain, defend or moderate every single activity or action you did, just because 'that's not how royalty acts!'. Imagine everyone speaking to you, or not acting around you, in a particular way, just because of who you are. Everybody staring at you. Everybody trying to know you. Everybody wanting to be you, or be with you, with you living in a fishbowl of rampant inquiry and speculation...

Are you imagining that?

Good. Then you can probably imagine why Korhbin loves going around as incognito as possible, hiding his identity from as many people as he can. This is why he likes to spend so much time traveling, serving, meeting new people, and studying and living in foreign countries, with his real identity buried deep down inside him.

He has been wandering ever since his home, the faction of Leamas (The Clock), was destroyed and taken over by The Clock (whom he works as an agent for now). His twin perished in the onslaught helping him escape. Leaving him not only physically scared but mentally.


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