Kol, Twice Bloodied


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The Lost Isles 34 Nomad
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Nordwirr Male 1.93m NOT TUBBY Blonde Black White
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Kasim Areth 14/4/202 Wheel of Ossheim Cover

Kol the Twice Blooded is a relatively inexperienced man of the Nordwirr species.

A people who come from the northern lands sitting above the Eretjeva Tundra known simply as the Lost Isles, the Nordwirr are the lesser known and less civilized cousins of the Nordenfiir. At least, that is how many contemporary scholars think of them.

Despite this belief by the ignorant, the fact is that Nordwirr and Nordenfiir have some similarities, but these are few and far inbetween.

They do not all have the shifting capabilities, and many of their cultural aspects are vastly different. Nordwirr magic is inherently drawn not from the self, but through ritualistic sacrifice, blood runes, and other far more brutal practices praising their dark gods.

Their society is based around the rule of the strong. Only those worthy survive, and those that are not often find themselves left starving. Nordwirr culture as a whole revolves around this concept, and even in their own tribes fighting is almost constant.

This lack of cooperation has made it so Nordwirr have never truly left the Lost Isles save for in small raiding parties to the Southern Continent.

A raider and exceptional shaman, Kol has set himself apart from most of his Nordwirr kin. Unlike many of his people, he has an innate curiosity for the outside world and has attempted more than once to gather what was seen as 'forbidden knowledge' by the Elders of his Tribe.

His title, "Twice Bloodied", refers to the fact that Kol went through the Nordwirr coming of age ritual not once, but twice.

Much like with their southern Cousins, the Nordwirr undergo a right of passage. This ritual almost always takes the form of a great hunt, and at the age of eighteen young men and women are sent off to taste the blessings of the Dark Gods. If they return, they have proven their worth to the Gods. If they do not then they were never meant to be a part of the tribe.

Kol, was twice blessed by the Gods. During his return journey from his first successful hunt, the young Sorcerer was greeted with an attack by an Ice Wyrm. Through a mixture of guile and a touch of the Dark God's power, Kol was able to slay the Wyrm. He took the great beasts largest fang, and along with his first trophy returned to his people earning him the title "Twice Bloodied".

Since then Kol has done his best to influence and push his tribe forward, going so far as to explore the Southern Tundra and beyond without the aid of a warband.

He seeks knowledge and power, planning to bring back both to his people so that he may lead them forth from the Isles.


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